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Originally posted by katl8e
Just one question: Do you still have your fillings?
OMG! I died laughing when I read that! Yes, Cindy my fillings are still intact!
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Originally posted by adymarie
Soooooooooooo, how is being kissed with a guy with a tongue ring?

Honestly - I am glad you had a great time - you deserved it!

what does Ric do? Does he live near where you will be moving too? Where online did you meet him? Let me know if I am being too nosy.
Ady..you crack me up girl!

As for kissing a guy with a tongue ring, it's really no different. I could barely tell it was there.
As for what he does...I had originally posted that he was a nurse, but I found out yesterday that he's going to school to be a nurse. Right now he works in a Nursing Home being a Med Aide. He starts a new job (doing the same thing) tomorrow and that's why we had to go shopping for a new work scrub shirt for him yesterday. It was funny...while we were at the shop, he ripped off his shirt to try on a new one. All I can say is...WOW! It was a mighty nice site to see!
Ric lives in Lincoln which happens to be where I'll be moving to. Bad thing is that he lives on the complete opposite side of town. But that's ok...I don't mind driving!
I met Ric on www.Match.com . It's a pretty decent site...some are too "adult" for my liking. This is really casual & clean.

Ady, you didn't offend me with asking those questions. I don't mind sharing some details with my friends!
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Shell , I guess it was a little more then a nice little kiss

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LOL! It wasn't a make out session or anything...but more than just a peck.
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I know , hehehehe just teasing you
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I know you were! Just kidding around!

It feels so great to be in a good mood! Yesterday was a whirl wind of emotions & now I feel great. No pressure at all!
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You have no clue how happy I am for you
Love is in the air lalala lala
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You have no idea how big my smile is right now. I'm so happy you didn't go meet Bill, and I'm even more happy that you and Ric hit it off so well. He sounds dreamy.

You deserve to be happy, and it sounds like you're just thrilled. Keep us updated k? *Big HUGS*
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Thanks Cass! Things are definitely looking up with Ric & I. Still no plans for this weekend yet, but he did call me today. I'll be calling him tomorrow!

I'm going to hate to see my phone bill!
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LOL! When I was living in North Carolina and Craig was here in California both of our phone bills were outrageous. I mean really really bad. Thank goodness we don't live far away now.. EEK!
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Originally posted by Shell
I'm going to hate to see my phone bill!
Does 10-10-987 work in your area, Shell? It might be a good idea to use if it does. Glad things are working out with you two.

I've been lurking... I just tend to keep quiet on personal stuff.
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Oh, Shell, what a wonderuful chain of events!

ou have made all the right choices on this specific situation, and it seems like you're getting rewarded for that .
I think that a guy working as a nurse is absolutely wonderful. It shows of compation and a good personality. And the fact that he spices things up a bit with some piercing, just makes it all even more interesting !!

Good luck and keep us posted!!!
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