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Update on my "date" today:
I went REALLY well! I had to call him when I was getting close to his place because I forgot the directions. But...leave it up to me to be a complete GOOBER! He told me it's the first blue house on the street...well, he neglected to tell me on the RIGHT side! So, what do I do...I find the first blue house on the LEFT side! Just when I shut my door, I hear "Hey...You're at the wrong house!" from Ric. He was trying to sneak a peek by looking out the bathroom window! Thank God he did...or I would have just died! He met me at the door...laughing his a$$ off! I just wanted to crawl under a rock! We laughed about it & it really broke the ice. He gave me the tour of his house (which is gorgeous btw) & we drank a Diet Coke (YUCK!) and watched TV. We chit chatted for 2 hours!! After that, he needed to get a new work scrub shirt...and asked if I'd want to go along. It was fun! After that, I dropped him off...and he gave me a nice little kiss.

He's really cute! The one thing that shocked me was...he's got a tongue piercing & in his ear (it's that little notch like piece of cartalige that covers your ear cannal). It didn't bother me...I just wasn't expecting that. I asked him about his piercings...and he said he had MORE. I wasn't ballsey enough to ask where...but I can imagine!

So, it went really well...still no plans for the future, but I'll call him tomorrow & see if this weekend works out for him.
Just thought I'd let you know how today went...it sure ended a lot better than how it started!
Thanks again everyone!
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YAY! I'm so glad it went so well. And just think....you're moving to Lincoln next month!

And wasn't that better than yelling at Bill in person????
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so glad that things went well for u... i knew u and ric stand a chance... keep it up.. u r heading for a better future!!!
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Originally posted by valanhb
YAY! And wasn't that better than yelling at Bill in person????
That was ALOT better!
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Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! for you shell.... I was hoping you'd decide NOT to go...
And now that you have decided not to go...
There's nothing that can't be said over the phone... In fact the phone always gives me that extra bit of courage coz i know if it gets hairy i can just hang up!

Hurray hurray Hurrrrrraaaaayyyy
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Woooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
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Shell, I just saw this thread.
I was so upset by reading this, and there was so much I wanted to say, that if I had you phone number, I would have just called you - so much quicker than writing

I am so glad you called off you trip to see you ex. How did he react with all the things you had to say to him???

You are probably right now meeting with Ric, I am so excited to hear all the details! I am also sure Ric is relieved that you didn´t go and see Bill.

I was gonna say to you pretty much the same as everyone else did. Even though you did agree to meet him, you had the right to change your mind, especially since he has not been treating you well.

I kinda understood you wanting to meet Bill for some closure, and it would have been good in one way, beeing strong and confident and looking as good as you do, having lost all that weight making you look even better, and just telling him off, making him maybe see what he was loosing, and then stay at another hotel, so you were out of reach...

But I hope you also got ao good closure by telling him off on the phone. At least it was YOU that stopped all this nonsence! You were strong and did the right thing.

I am so proud of you for having the courage to do that, it´s so easy to just go along.

I hope you had a wonderful time with Ric, he seem such a nice guy - and he is not married! (I hope )
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My fiancee has a nipple ring... I practically fainted when he had it done... The lady at the shop had to bring me a drink and a chair...
I feel woozey just thinking about it... he was in pain for a weeeeekk!
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Originally posted by sherral46
Ah shell I just now got to read this! I am so proud of you!have loads of fun with Ric,and forget all about whats his name!
I think it's pigdogmanbill
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It took me so long to finish my reply, so you were allready back from you date!
I so glad it went well!

I also wanted to add to the Bill thing, that I agree with Suraya, beeing on the phone gives an extra strength, so since Bill makes you week in person, maybe you wouldn´t have been able to say all you wanted that way.

I am so glad you told him off!
And I am so glad you and Ric seem to hitting it off!
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I could see through his tshirt that he's left nipple was pierced...but he might have more! I'm just assuming that he's got more besides his nipple...now that would be a little different for me!
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Sess, we hit it off really well! It must have been some good chemistry since he did give me a nice kiss good bye. Lets just say it wasn't a little peck!
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Originally posted by Yzma
I think it's pigdogmanbill
Ain't that the truth!
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Originally posted by Yzma
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Shell I am sooooooo happy for you . How cute , a nice little kiss You go girl Just kitting . I am really happy for you and hope everything will work out for you for the best .
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shell stop it! you're making my cats BLUSH!
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LOL! You're cats aren't the only ones who are blushing!
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It's such a relief to hear that you didn't go to meet the ex and that you had a nice date with Ric, because when I read from the beginning of the thread it brought back bad memories of my previous girlfriend. She was like you. -able to be manipulated in the abusive, (but non-violent) relationship she had before she met me, but in the end she went back to him because she felt guilty, she was hoping he would change, would really be telling the truth this time, etc. etc. etc. I've heard it all before and I know where it leads. The thought of another smart and beautiful girl in the clutches of a pathological liar almost brought this hardened man to tears.

It would take more than all the worst feelings I ever felt in my life to equal the hurt and pain she inflicted by doing this, and yet, her life is certainly not much better being back in hell with a sociopath. Anyway, I can only hope that you can continue to be as strong as you were when you decided not to "meet the devil" once again. It sounds like you're ready to read a really good book called "Women Who Love too Much" by Robin Norwood. You still don't really know why you let men manipulate you, but this book can help shed some light on the subject. And yes, I've read it myself. Good luck with this one Shell. You deserve to be happy!
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Originally posted by Shell
Sess, we hit it off really well! It must have been some good chemistry since he did give me a nice kiss good bye. Lets just say it wasn't a little peck!
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Originally posted by Shell
Sess, we hit it off really well! It must have been some good chemistry since he did give me a nice kiss good bye. Lets just say it wasn't a little peck!
Just one question: Do you still have your fillings?
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I'm so glad I read this thread, the whole thread cuz I woulda bit your head off!!! I am very proud of you to put your foot down and say no more to that SOB!! If only I could type all the cursing I have rolling off my tongue! Arrgh!!

I am really glad your date went well. Take your time though with this one.
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That's awesome Shell!
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Does Ric like cats...? You realise that if he doesn't you're not allowed to date him right?
Hee hee hee
*just joking
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Suraya- From what I have heard he loves cats!

So sorry I'm late in chiming in , I'm so glad you had a good time with Ric!

You deserve it my dear friend!
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I'm sooooooo proud of you!!!
You must have been shaking when you got off the phone with Bill.
The good news is. . . . it gets easier and easier and you will get stronger each time you tell him that it's over (I'm sure he will continue to plead with you in the future. . . . after all you are now playing hard to get and are making it more challenging for him to win the prize).

I'm glad you had a nice time with Ric. Don't rush into anything now! Your heart needs a little time to heal from Bill. Take the time to get to know Ric. Heck, for that matter. . . . date a bunch of guys. . . . don't settle for just one until you are sure that you are ready to get serious.

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Being strong is tough but it pays off! Freedom is worth it!

You go, girl!

Glad the date went so well!
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Aw, Shell, I am really really proud of you! Even when you know what the right thing is, doing it is sometimes so difficult, especially when emotions are involved. You did really well!!! This was the toughest call. If he contacts you again, you will have an easier time telling him where to get off.

And have fun with Ric. Just have lots of fun. Let everything happen, don't worry about what all the details "mean", he sounds like a sweet guy. And you know, I always thought that being invited to a guys home was a very good thing - he doesn't have a wife and kids hiding there somewhere!
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Soooooooooooo, how is being kissed with a guy with a tongue ring?

Honestly - I am glad you had a great time - you deserved it!

what does Ric do? Does he live near where you will be moving too? Where online did you meet him? Let me know if I am being too nosy.
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