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Need help to get trust in stray kitten

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OK I posted in a other tread " Feral / Stray Kitten " how I got the kitten if you like to read .
My problem now is , how do I get to trust me /us ? In 8 days she need to get her stiches out from spaying , so I need to catch her and place her in a carrier . I placed her the first day in the cat enclosure and there is a conection to the house where all the cats can go in and out freely . The kitten is comming insite the house now , but only in the night . If any body is geting to cloth to her she is running away . I did not try to do a lot with her yet , I wanted her to get to know everything first .But I think I need to start tomorrow to spend some time with her . Now I need you guys to help me with that . What would be the best for me to do ??? I don't want her to shy away from me . So please help .
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Hedi, if you haven't read it yet, read the thread "Socializing a Feral: The Story of Lucky" in the Feral Colonies forum. I think all of our best advice came out in that thread.

Two major things....First, food will be the biggest thing that will gain her trust right now. Feed her on a schedule. Get a really sweaty shirt and put it under the food bowl. Your resident cats won't mind it, and it will help her associate your smell with good things.

The other thing is to ignore her. Spend time around her, but don't approach her. Don't look her in the eye. Be in the same room and read out loud, or just do something else that takes your attention away from her. Don't look for her, don't try to pet her yet. She will see that you are not a threat by ignoring her.
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Thanks valanhb , I will try the T Shirt thing and the feedin I already have . I guess I did wrong trying to pet her and look at her . But is never to late to start over again .
I did read the hole story about Lucky a while back , just did not remember all of it . Maybe I need to read it again to refresh my memory
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To make the long story short (Lucky's story, that is)...just have LOTS of patience. Let the kitten come to you - it's very difficult, but it pays off. When we had to get Lucky in the kennel to take her to the vet - we kind of tricked her. We had put some treat pieces outside as well as inside the kennel and when she went in to get the treat - my husband closed the kennel door (after pushing her tush in gently). I felt so bad, but she hasn't held it against us.

Good Luck to you and if I can answer any questions regarding Lucky's story for you (so you don't have to peruse the whole thing again) let me know - I'd be more than happy to help.
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Thank you Sandi , that is very nice of you . Be sure I will ask if I have a question
This morning she was in the house again and eating on the catfeeder . She also was watching me while I was peting the other cats I also was talking to my cats and she sure was listening to me . I peek a little every once in a while to her while she was not looking at me . I could see her ears going my way while I was talking .It seems to me she was taking it all in . She also was watching all the other cats how they were comming to me to get affection (sp) . So hopefully that was a good sign .
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It sure sounds like a good sign. I know with Ophelia, she watched very intently when we petted and loved on Trent, and I really think that's what gave her the courage to let me pet her the first time.

You can look in her general direction, just don't look her in the eye. That's "fighting words" to ferals, and her instincts will tell her to fight or flee (neither is good for your cause! ).
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Be sure I wont look in her eyes , I also told my son not to . He is the first one to go look and try peting her . But I made a stop to that .
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good news . Today I did what I normaly do , the kitten kept me unter her watchfull eyes . This evening she was sitting on the chair in the dinning room and while I walk by her she meowed at me . First I was thinking at may be a different cat , but by the secont time meow I knew it was her . So I give her some attention and talk to her and she was not running away from me like usually . So I reached out and let her sniff my fingers and hand and she still was ok with that . So I pet her tail a little , but she got a little scared so I stop and went on my busyness . Just about 25 minutes ago I was walking to the computer room to ck in tcs here and there she was meowing again . So I bend down to pet her and she let me , yeah . So I got on my knies and were petting her more and she like what I was doing . She got on her back yes she let me pet her there too . I am so excited now YEAH YEAH YEAH
But I also could look on her belly and it look like to me the stiches from spaying was gone . I also touch it very gentle and did not feel any thing ruff there like stiches or so . I also think she got a little diahriah (sp) . It may be from change of food and she also ate some dog food befor she discovered the cat feeder for a day . I know Iris was feeding them some cheapo food and I feed my cats Nutro . That is a big change for sure . I will watch her when she goes the next time to the bathroom to make sure she is ok , but she is drinking very good .I also see her playing now and the other cats (most) din't have a problem with her at all . Buddy is the only grumby one , but he is grumby to all the other cats .So everything looks well so far And now I need a name for her
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Hedi that is great!!! I'm so happy for you!!

The diahhrea is probably from the big change in food, and the stress of surgery and a new home, and all the new cats, and.... Well, she's had a lot change in her little life in the past few days!
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That's amazing! I'm always shocked when a stray/feral cat reaches out to us. Great job.
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Way to go, Hedi!!!

Wonderful news!!! I can't help smiling and smiling and smiling. Isn't it a fantastic feeling when these feral cats/kittens come around - it's a great accomplishment! I'm so thrilled for you!!! Hurray!!!
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Thank you all I am pretty happy myself . She still let me pet her , but is still a little shy / skitisch . But thats ok , as long she feels good and is happy and not sick , I am happy too

By the way , we call her " Sophie "
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Aww what a sweet story! Pics please!
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Sicy , be sure I will post her as soon my disc is full . We don't have the cable yet to conect with the pc , so I have to wait till I have 80 - 100 pictures on the disc to finalize (sp) ... sorry
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I guess " Sophie " is not to good , each time I call her my dumb dog Toby come to me . Well I guess it sounds the same . Now I need a new name for her

I picked her up today She was not fighting me or any thing els . I needet to know if I can for her next appointment by the vet .
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