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Just found out that my in-laws (including my sister-in-law this time) are coming for a vist next July. They will not be staying at my house because I've changed the guest room into a TV room (Rene, there's always room for my cat family)so they are staying at a hotel. Don't get me wrong, I do love them but last year while mom and dad (in-laws) were visiting my father-in-law made the comment to husband that I should get rid of my greyhounds because they were ugly (another story but husband is still here -- he's lucky). I don't think I can deal with them making another comment about my critters (cats or dogs). Is anybody willing to take me in for the time they are here? Husband wants to show them around because my sister-in-law is now wanting to see us (hasn't seen us in 3 years because she's afraid of planes but had a bad experience this year and thinks life is too short) and possible have the whole family move here. I need help.

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Do you know the definition of Hospitality? It is being cordial and polite to guests even when you want them to leave!

The last visitors we had was Mike's daughter, her husband and their 8 kids. It was a nightmare, and I actually had to take my kittens (the Tag Team) at the time to a friend's house because the smallest boy was trying to drown the kitten in the dog's water bowl! Mom just said "How cute, he is trying to give kitty a bath!" GRRRRR So I feel for you, and you are welcome to come here and stay while they are invading your space, but you have to bring you greyhounds with!
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Thanks for the invite and, of course, the boys (the greyhounds) would go with me. In-laws know the cats (and love them) and the other dogs they have no problems with. I know we'd have a blast and my greyhounds (which are small animal safte) love cats (actually, they are the best babysitters for them and love to nurse kittens). Thanks for the invite.

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LOL you know you are always welcome here. Of course you may just have to suck it up and let em have it if they knock the babies
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Frannie, I echo Sandie.. you are more than welcome to stay here!!

heh, if it makes you feel any better, My mother in-law is comming next week..... *sigh*

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I don't envy your situation Frannie...I just hope it all goes smooth...but please let us know!
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My back bedroom is yours for the asking! Although you may have to share it with a couple of my furbabies and one non-furbaby (MooShoo). But they won't mind. Aren't in-laws a pain in the ass? That's why I got rid of mine and their idiotic son. Having in-laws is much like having poison ivy. You never know how bad it'll be till you get it or how long it'll last. You poor dear. I'll say a hail mary for you. In the meantime, please come on down!!!

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