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Sweet Story

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I am sure my mother is not the first to not receive an engagement ring or diamond when she married (for second time). She remarried late in life (lol, does anyone see a pattern here? I was 40 when I married for the first time), and they have been married for over 10 years now. She just celebrated her 70th birthday last week, and told me today my step-father surprised her this past week with a lovely, sparkly round diamond ring!

Anyone else have a sweet family story they'd like to share?
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Awwww, that is so sweet of your stepdad!
I just love to see "adults" in love, holding hands, giving romantic gifts etc.
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A few years ago, my mom had her eye on a new wedding ring - a rather expensive diamond wraparound. My dad said that, depending upon how much they owed in income taxes, he might get it for her.

When tax time rolled around, the total was much lower than expected so, every time they went to Sam's Club, Mom was expecting my dad to buy the ring. She haunted the jewelry counter, drooling on the glass. My dad didn't say anything, just went about his business.

Mom was getting madder and madder, as the days went by. She was slamming doors and biting everyone's head off. My dad just kept on, keeping on.

One day, he told Mom that he was going out, for dog food and he was taking my niece, Mysti with him. "Fine!" snapped Mom. When they got home, Mysti came in the house, while my dad unloaded the truck.

"Where'd you go?" asked Mom. "Sam's Club," said Mysti. "We don't buy dog food at Sam's," said Mom. Mysti just shrugged.

My dad came in and handed Mom two cards: one Easter and one "I Love You". He had written: "Happy Easter, Mother's Day, Birthday and because I love you day."

Now, she's REALLY p.o.'d and starts to stomp off. THAT'S when my dad reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out the ring. Boy, did Mom feel low!

I told her that she should have been ashamed of herself and, if I had been Howard, Hell would have frozen over, before she got that ring.

Later, though I thanked him, for increasing my inheiritance. (Its a REALLY nice ring.)
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