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So Proud Of Fluffy!

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He caught his first fly! It was midair and he literally flew up in the air and caught him midair then he ate him. Yuck!
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Good Boy!
I´m sure now that he has cought his first, he will really master the art of catching flies in midair! And what a reward, to have a tasty crunchy fly to eat afterwards!
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Snacks!! Fresh caught snacks! Yum! (Yuck!) Next it'll be moths. They even provide a chase.
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My congrats to Fluff
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Yay Fluffy!!!
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Way to go Fluffy!!!
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Good Job, Fluffy!! (Bleccchhh)
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Chrissie loves to find a fly and hunts most of the time she isn't sleeping, always with an eye to the ceiling, in the windows, etc.
Well, when she captures a fly she very carefully gets down from the ceiling or couch or mantel, sits down, gently opens her mouth and
LETS IT GO!! So, she can start all over again!!
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LOL! I had to trap a moth and let it outside otherwise Amber would have hurt herself, she was launching herself in the air so much! Flies are good protein.

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Was it a french-fly?
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go fluffy!
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