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Do you Yahoo?

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Well, even if you don't check it out today! has a big Petfinder ad on their front page. The Stars Share Their Pet Stories. Now that's some good publicity for the animals.
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that is great , I was reading them all .
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That is great to see those celebrities talk about their pets!
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Hey, sounds great! I´m gonna check that out tomorrow!
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I must have missed it!
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awww that is great! I use yahoo for my webhosting. They are pretty reasonable and give a decent amount of space when you get the business hosting
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I like the Yahoo "special topic" groups. I joined one on eosinophilic granuloma complex in July because of JC's "rodent ulcer", and have gotten some great tips there. I also have a Yahoo picture album for our cat.
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I joined PAAN last week Good group so far.
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Very cool!
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I love Yahoo!

but I don't see the petfinders ad....
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