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anyone have a clue?

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my mom and dad have four himilayans all brothers. the first two wyatt and virgil are a year older than the second two morgan and james.
for nearly 6months now virgil has been spraying in all sorts of places. he even sprayed my moms leg once. he has been neutered since about 6months old and has no medical problems. he is about 7 years old now and this new behavior has my mom and dad at wits end. their vet is not sure what the cause may be. any clues?
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Did the vet test for a UTI? Have there been any recent changes in the household? Anything at all?
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Cats typically spray to mark their territory. If there is a stray or feral cat outside, your cat migt be spraying in response to the cat who is intruding into his territory.

Click here for a lengthy thread on stopping spraying. It is very long, but you will see many suggestions and what worked and didn't work for this member. For some reason the initial post on that thread is not there, but you will soon see that it was written by someone in a similar situation as yourself.
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vet checked and he had no uti. my mom said this all started when she switched the side of bed she normally slept on. virgil is a bigtime momma's boy. so she switched back, but he has'nt quit. maybe they need to try the blacklight deal and make sure they have cleaned up all his spots? he pees on her suitcase if she packs the night before she leaves on her business trips, could be he needs more attention? they are talking with a pet psyciatrist this week we shall see what he has to say. thanks for the input.
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