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What craft/sewing projects are you working on?

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Hi, everyone;

I saw in the bios thread (still need to fill mine out) that many of you enjoy crafts, cross-stitch, sewing, etc. I love to sew, and would like to hear what people are working on.

I am making some Halloween items right now. I got some Halloween fabric and am making letter pillows that spell out 'Boo' with it. I am also going to begin making a dragon costume for my nephew later today for him to wear this Halloween.
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More cat toys to add to our extensice colection
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I just trimmmed some blue jeans with lace, for the twins. I have some fabric and patterns sitting here but haven't mustered the energy to do anything with them. Yesterday, I bought initial appliques, to put on the jeans, too. Hancock's had a lot of different colors so, from now on, I'm going to put initials on anything that I make for them.

There are ten yards of lovely deep purple satin, sitting on my sewing table, with a pattern for a pantsuit. Maybe, I'll get it done in time for New Year's Eve.
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I grochee (sp) for my kitties little blankets to nap on
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Yzma, what kind of cat toys do you make?
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I'm working on knitting a throw-blanket. They take a long time though, and I've been working on it quite awhile. It's about 80% done now.
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My mom taught me to knit for Christmas in 2001. I knit a couple of scarves, a sweater, and started on a throw-blanket for Gary (which he asked for). We rescued Lazlo, our first inside pet kitty, on the promise that I'd finish the throw blanket by winter. (Issue being that I wouldn't spend too much time just playing with the cat. Which, by the next week was cats (Sheldon)).

Then we started trapping cats.... and... Gary has forgiven me for breaking my promise.

I last worked on that throw blanket several months ago. It's 3/4 done. Maybe he'll have it this winter!
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I have never learned to knit - I can crochet at a very basic level, but haven't done it much. I'm not really patient enough for big projects like blankets, but I'm working on it. My grandmother makes these wonderful dishtowels - she embroiders a design in the corner, then crochets around the edges. They are beautiful, and I would love to learn how to do that type of crocheting. I'm guessing she would teach me if I asked...

I started my dragon costume this afternoon - I think it will be really cute when it's done (for my nephew who is 2 years old). The material is a challenge to work with - it's very thick, and at times I am sewing 6 layers together - but it's going well so far.

Katl8e, a deep purple satin pantsuit for New Year's Eve sounds SO COOL! I've never tried to make any 'real' clothes since I still consider myself a beginner - mostly pj's and costumes - but I just bought my first dress pattern, and may try to make myself a dress for a wedding I'm attending in 2 months.

It's fun to hear the different things people are making and get some ideas. Thanks, everyone!
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I also knit and crochet , sewing is not my thing or cros stitch .
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I love to crochet, especially off of graphs. This is Spongebob for my hubbys b-day back in May

and my first project from a year ago...

Currently I am working on a white tiger for my father as a Christmas gift.

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I love doing tapestries, especially kitties. Problem is, I never get them finished because of all the 'assistance' I get with the wool.
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I currently have about half a dozen quilt tops in some stage of being sewn, and one on the frames waiting for cooler weather to come so I feel more like quilting it.....with lots of four-legged help !
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