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Rest In Peace Little Ferral Kitten

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This morning I went to the gas station to pick up a few things. On my way home I noticed his little limp body in the grass in the median of the street across from our house. I didn't even know his name yet. He has been a brave kitty, coming to feed every few days. He would wait until I went inside and I would watch him from the window. He was still a kitten, about 7 months old I would guess. It breaks my heart knowing that he never had a home to call his own. Rest in Peace little kitty.

Here is a pic of him from about a month ago.

There is another kitty that looks just like him that lives around. For the longest time I didn't know that there were two because they look like twins. A few nights ago I discovered that they were not the same cat when they were both fighting in the street outside my house. As far as I could tell they were "mating" or about to so I tried to break them up. Now there is one.
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Rest In Peace Kitty. You were a good kitty and god knows that sweetie. *tears*
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You will be loved in the Summerlands, baby. Play in the sun, eat your fill, and be loved. Rest in peace.
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RIP sweet little one
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You join good company, and there is a special boy's lap waiting for you that is just your size. RIP little one, I am sorry you had such a hard and short life. You deserved so much better. I hope you never saw it coming.
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RIP little :angel2:
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Awe...poor little baby. I am so sorry.
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The poor little baby... I KNOW he is in a better place now--where he will never be hungry or lonely or cold... Your post is almost exactly like the post I put in here about the "abandoned little kitty". I feed the little feral kitties who live on the edge of our town, and also, give cold water on the hot days, warm water on the cold days. I found one of the little kitties, dead on the road, not too long ago. I picked him up gently, and buried his poor little broken body, and cried and cried, as I felt that his life HAD to be worth SOMETHING. I put some roses from my garden, on his little grave, and cried some more. I guess, because his life was one of such abandonment--and my heart aches for ALL those little abandoned kitties who never asked for such a harsh life.... You will be blessed for your kindness. I know it.
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