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Mine is unromantic as well, seems to be a lot of that on this site! Peter asked me to marry him on my 16th Birthday just a few months after we met on a Blind Date! It freaked me out and took me by surprize and I said "Yes" but then I ran away to Florida to make sure I was saying yes to the right guy.

Once in Florida I was only there for about 2 hours and on the beach and some guy asked me to marry him, now I was really confused but there was something about this guy that I just didn't like. He scared me, didn't even know my name and asked me to marry him? WEIRD!!!!!!!

This guy wouldn't leave me alone so I made a long distance call and asked Peter to pick me up at the airport that night. He willing did so and then we just lived together. The wedding was all planned and my Grandmother died and 2 weeks later his Mother died. The wedding was off!

Later that year in October I said to him, "Marry me now or lose me forever!" Of course he married me on December 31 and that's my story!

We've been together 27 years and married 25 going on 26 this Dec.
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Originally posted by SkyKitty
Mine is unromantic as well,...

I don't think so!
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I met Steve at work....he was a programmer and I his client. He and his friend Jeff called me the Red Menace (OK, so I'm all business at work), but both were vieing to date me. A group of us went skiing in Wisconsin one weekend and I ended up at a chalet with 11 guys. About 4 in the morning during a poker game, after a long day skiing and a long night of drinking, it was my turn to deal. I raised the top bet for the round. Jeff whined about being too rich for his blood. Steve looked me in the eye and said "I'm going to win all of your money". He caught my eye that night.

We started dating shortly after that and lived together for about a year when we decided to move to a warmer climate. The idea was to buy homes, rehab them then sell them for more money. I looked at it logistically (always the business mind), and realized that legally, it was going to be difficult to do as an unmarried couple. So one night when Steve was asleep, I picked a date (December 30th), made a list of friends who do invitations, cakes, DJ's, etc, and wrote it on a piece of paper. I turned it over on the coffee table and went to bed.

The next day we were out car shopping - his had just died and we decided to buy a cargo van for our new adventures. Somewhere between the Dodge and Chevy dealer, he turned and looked at me, said "so, December 30th huh?". I said "yes". He said "OK".

6 weeks later, we hosted a wedding with 250 of our friends and family, said our goodbyes, then moved out of state the next day. And yes, he did win all of my money! LOL

Romantic? Not. Interesting? Perhaps. Close to 14 years of marriage and counting.....
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My grandparent's got married on December 30, 1950. It would have been 53 years this year.
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Small world....after the wedding, we moved to Houston.
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Eric asked me on the night of my graduation. I was saying "I need to find my mom, honey I can't see her!" And he says "you know what you need to do?" and i go "what, start yellin mommy real loud?" and he drops to one knee and says "you need to marry me" and i'm thinking "what the hell???? But I said yes, and not three second later, his mom found us and i go "you just missed your son proposing" and she laughed. We've been together 1 year and 3 months and we're planning to marry June 19, 2005, which just also happens to be our 3 year anniversary!!
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My Husband and I started dating in May of 1996 at my High School graduation party (he was my sisters best friend) and he proposed to me at his High School homecoming dance in October of 1996 during one of the slow dances. I actually did not even let him get a chance to ask me before I had the ring on and was running around showing my younger brother and sister who were also at the dance. He said to me "I take it that the answer is yes"? I of course said yes and we were married May 16, 1998 and are still married today!
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Ok I'm going to tell my story even though I don't think it's very romantic! It's more about how we met but I think it's funny! And my hubby and I are seperated but still in love (does that make sense??)

Ok here goes... I went into the middle eastern grocery store, owned by a friend. He said (in my best middle eastern accent) "Seester, I have man for you. He's very very good man! He see you with the children and working hard for God!" I told him I didn't want a man and he said: "NO seester, don't say this! Astagafir Allah!" (That means God forgive). I asked him: "Does your friend speak English?" He said: "uhhhh no but seester you know some Arabi." I asked: "is he Iraqi? Because I'm sorry brother but I don't want an Iraqi man." His eyes went up in his head and he said: "yes he is Iraqi but seester, he has good heart, I swear by Allah!" I asked: "Does he have a job?" He said: "no seester, he just came to America one month ago, but in Iraq he had business." Well these were all things against him so I stood firm. But every time I went into his store, which was about 2 times a week, he would hound me about this "very very good man." And he'd say, "Please seester... just meet him one time." I kept saying no but after a couple of months of this I gave in and said I would meet his friend. I just wanted to get him off my back and stop bugging me!

We set up the meeting to be at his store. When I walked in I saw him and he had this little sh*% eating grin on his face and his eyes sparkeled and that was about it! We were married about a year later!
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