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what is your engagement Story

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Sicy thread made me wonder how everyone got engaged?

Rich, his family and I all went to disney world. On our second day in disney world we went to the magic kingdom. He went on spacemountian and I hung out with his mom. We talked about wear I thought he would ask me to marry him. I said with my luck, in his car. Well after he got off the ride everyone else quickly went there own way and he said I had to see the castle. So we walked around and actually had trouble finding the castle Once we got there, I saw a pond with some ducks in it so off couse I was looking at that and not paying attention to what he is doing. Next thing I know I look over and he is starting getting down on one knee and I looked around at the 1000s of people and I pulled him back up. I was starting to catch on and I didn't need a million people clapping at me! (i was very shy!!) So he said some sweet mushy stuff and asked me to marry him Now I love disney world and it is all his fault

Tell your story!!!!
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I can't give details about the way we got engaged since he proposed to me during an intimate moment All I can tell you is his propsoal brought tears to my eyes when he asked and my acceptance brought tears to his eyes when I said yes.
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Well me and dh talked about it before and we went and picked out rings so it was all planned out.
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Mike and I met through personal ads over 20 years ago. He had placed that ad on a dare from his friends after his divorce, and I had answered that ad on a dare from my friends after my Thank God You're Finally Divorced Party. At any rate, we wrote for four years- he lived in Alaska, I lived in Southern California. Finally after much prodding from him, I flew up to meet him, spent a wonderful 2 week vacation with him, and flew home. The next year, He wanted me to return around Christmas to see how I weathered the darkness and the snow up there. We had become so very close and were best friends through letters and cassettes and phone calls. So I left and spent another 2 weeks with him. The day I was due to fly home, his youngest son Dennis was acting weird. There was something electric in the air at the house and I caught on that something big was planned. He then asked me if I would like to go on a picnic! It was snowing like the dickens, but I said yes. He and Denny had packed a big picnic basket and included those glow sticks you break open to get light. So into the darkness we drove on a snow picnic.

We of course stayed in the car, had food and drink and talked and I just knew he was going to ask me, just knew it, well he didn't! Instead I got this huge conversation about how I needed to get on the plane and think about where we were headed. To consider carefully the age difference- Mike is 17 years older than me- the fact that he had 6 kids, where we lived, etc..etc... Then he drove me back to his place, we grabbed my suitcases and he took me to the airport. Before I got on the plane, he told me that he had decided we wouldn't talk, write or communicate in any way for 2 months, while we prayed about our relationship! I was stunned, but told him okay, got on the plane and cried almost all the way home. I thought he was breaking it off with me.

My friend met me and drove me home, and I walked into my apartment. The phone was ringing. It was Mike, and the first words out of his mouth were "Will you marry me!" The idiot had thought that I had figured out his plan, and he wanted it to be a surprise. Then he started thinking about the age factor, got cold feet, asked for the break, and said that after I got on the plane, he was so depressed and unhappy. Dennis than went over to him, and said "Dad just marry her for goodness sakes!" LOL So he ran to the phone and called me.

He designed my engagement and wedding ring. Made from diamonds and gold nuggets, the engagement band is my birthstone and a gold nugget, the wedding band fits to the engagement band, entwining the two. The wedding band has his birthstone, another nugget, and a diamond. The diamond represents God, and the significance is we were separated by distance and then joined with God. The next year, I left my advertising job, moved to Alaska and married him.
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I have tears welling up reading that. It's so sweet. I won't bore anyone with my engagement story. It isn't worth the time it would take to type it......much like the marriage.
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awwwww hissy that is so sweet!!!! I'm all teary eyed!!! I don't think i relized you lived in alaska now I REALLY REALLLLLYYYYY want to come visit you!!!!
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On valentines day... The day after Nikkie passed on, my fiancee made me breakfast in bed: Ice - cream & Apples... Anyway, i was happily munching on my apples and eatimg my ice-cream unware that something might be up when i found something floating around in my ice cream... at first it looked like a small piece of plastic... anyway, i assumed something had fallen in while he was making breakfast and so i didn't say anything at first, then as i kept eating, the suspected piece of paper seemed to be getting bigger and bigger and there seemed to be something attatched to it... So i fished out 'my RING' and i was so shocked... i was speechless... anyway, the little piece of paper was a note selotaped in plastic saying:
will you marry me?
of course i said yes....

anyway, fifteen minutes later, some friends who knew that nikkie had passed away left a shoe box on our door step, and in the box we found zooey zoo nuts... our valentine's day kitty...

twas a special day indeed.
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Hey, you there, you'we got my here with a silly smile and tears in my eyes...

Princess Purr - What a romantic story - allthough I do understand you beeing embaressed with all the people around

Blondiecat - LOL! Still very romantic and emotional!

Hissy - I can´t wipe that silly smile off my face and your story was not helping my tears to stay in... What a romantic adventure! WOW!

Yzma - How sweet and romantic!

I don´t have an engagement story myself - I´m still waiting
Actually I found out that my s/o intended to propose last Dec. 23. That is the day before our Christmas, and has a very uniqe atmosphere. In that afternoon, untill midnight, it´s like all Icelanders go to the shopping streets and there are choirs singing and a lot of other things going on, and the shops open all night.
Things prior to that day were tough between us, so he posponed the proposal, (and I was kindof glad, since I would like to have this more privat), but to still let me know his feelings, he gave me a beautyful diamond ring for Christmas, told me that was gonna propose "yesterday", and this was a token of how he felt, so this was a step towars our future together...
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Frej and I met online, in the private staff section of a pets forum on compuserve, where we were both sysops. He was talking about the Cranberries, and at that time, I had no idea who this musical group was, my experience with cranberries was you make a relish for them for Thanksgiving or put them in a muffin

I very much liked how he presented himself, how he wrote, his sense of humor, his evident kindness, and on some kind of leap of faith, sort of began to flirt a bit (mind, I'd quit that whole dating thing about 9 years previously). We began to email privately, but it was just friendly, with me being totally unsure if he might be interested or not. This was in Fall, and at Christmas time, I decided to send him a goodie package (he lived on the opposite coast as all of his family) with homemade macademia white chocolate cookies, a jar of my great-aunt marion's raspberry preserves, and more. I later found out it was this (no matter what, it's a kind and fun thing to do, I kept telling myself, as by this time, I knew I was interested in him) that caught his attention. He made a bet with me, that I know now, he had no intention of winning...the loser had to call the winner, it would be our first phone call and lasted hours...after this call, we only missed a couple of days, before talking every day until we married

By Valentine's day, we'd swopped photos of each other and sent each other gifts...his gift to me was a pink quartz heart wrapped in silver, on a silver chain..it was a perfect gift. The day after Valentine's Day, during our call, he told me he loved me, and as he'd previously said that he'd never say that without it's meaning he wanted to marry me, that was my proposal. I said "yes!", and we met for the first time, over a month later I got the ring he designed later in the Summer, and we married in the Fall, not quite a year after we first "met online". To say that both our families were shocked when they learned, would be true, to say that this was so meant to be and not merely an odd occurence of fate, would be incredibly true. Talk about finally hearing an answer to one's prayers
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Not to sidetrack the thread, but I lived in Alaska for 9 years, and then we moved here to Oregon. Mike had lived in Alaska for 30 years, all his boys are up there and one of his daughters lives in Montana, the other in Utah.
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Originally posted by hissy
Not to sidetrack the thread, but I lived in Alaska for 9 years, and then we moved here to Oregon. Mike had lived in Alaska for 30 years, all his boys are up there and one of his daughters lives in Montana, the other in Utah.
Good, Im not going crazy
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Alan and I had lived together for 8 years, since I was 20 years old. I basically "grew up" with him. In March of 2001, I got in touch with an old high school friend through the internet and we started to communicate daily. Long story short, I thought I was in love with this guy and I broke up with Alan. We moved into our own places and divided up all of our things. Well, the old high school friend thing didn't turn out to be what I had thought and I realized it was not "love" but just nostalgia and friendship. I dated a few different people, but when my dad passed away a few months later Alan was the one I went to. He went with me to the funeral and helped me through that time. I was dating someone who wanted things to get serious between us, but I always found myself unable to commit to anything. I was always thinking about Alan and jealous when I found out he had a new girlfriend. The guy I was dating told me that he knew, even if I didn't, that I was still in love with Alan, and I realized he was right. So for Valentine's Day of 2002 Alan asked me to spend the evening with him. Well, I suprised him after dinner by pulling out a little square box. He opened it and was shocked to find an "engagement ring", he didn't know what to do! I grabbed his hands and said "will you marry me?" Tears welled in his eyes and he said "yeah!". We both laughed and cried and then we strolled down the street to the book store to get a bridal magazine. We got married on the beach in August of 2002!
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Wow Amy, that is so romantic! You were obviously ment for one another. I find it great that you asked him, since you had realized the "truth" about the two of you
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Wow! These stories are sweet! What a fun thread-
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Beautiful stories everyone! They've brought so many smiles to my face this morning!

I'm still waiting for my own. . .
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My husband and I decided we should get married on the night we met, about 6 hours after I sat down at his very large table in a crowded bar. I got an engagement ring about 6 months later (when our student loan cheques arrived and we could finally afford it, although my analytical chem text cost more than the ring...) and got married 7 months after that. We've been happily married for 7 years now.
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Julie, wow! That must have really been love at first sight!!!
And the fact that you have been married for 7 years, shows that love at first sight can really last!
So romantic!
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This is a great thread! I'm such an emotional kind of gal, so I cried the entire time I read those. They're so romantic!

Here's mine...so much for romance here. No wonder I called it off 5 months shy of walking down the aisle.

Jeremy & I were living together for almost 6 months but we were together for almost 5 years. He's got crappy credit, so there was no way he could get a loan for a ring. So, he asked me to co-sign the loan! I stupidly agreed because I was "soooo in love" & love is sooooo blind. We went to the bank, I signed the papers. He picked up the ring that afternoon while I was at work. I was (and still am) working at WalMart that evening. He snuck in the building with out me seeing him, went to the Assistant Manager. He told him his plans & the Asst. Manager called me to the office. I panicked...I just knew I was going to get my butt chewed for something I had done. Well, I popped around the corner of the office & there was Jeremy. He smiled, opened the ring box & said "Will ya marry me?". I just couldn't believe that he'd ask me at WALMART! I of course said yes, put the ring on my finger & went back to work. How romantic is that? Funny thing...9 months later, he stuck me with the bill of my engagement & wedding rings. At least they're mine now...all $1500 worth!

Sorry to ruin the romantic proposals...just had to share how crazy mine was.
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Alex and I were going to Texas to visit his family for Thanksgiving. He had taken me diamond shopping with him before, so I knew he was planning to propose, I just didn't know it would be that soon. Anyway, I was getting in the car, when he suddenly was like, "Hey, wait a sec." And he walked around to my side of the car, got down on his knee, and asked me to marry him, as he opened the box containing my ring!! I said yes, of course, and he stood up and put the ring on my finger! It was so sweet!

P.S. -- Have I ever posted a pic of my ring? Not to brag, but he did a good job! And yes, I have been on Cloud 9 since last November!
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Oh this thread has me bawling it's so wonderful! Thanks for starting it Val!

Hugs to all!
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Charlie and I met in April of 1989, in Sept '89, he came to pick me up for our regular Fri. nite date, and before we left, he told me he had something he needed to ask me (I had no idea!), He then proceeded to get down on his knees and asked me to marry him in my folks dining room ! I told him "yes", of course, and that he'd better ask my dad if he could, since dad is VERY old-fashioned. We went to a concert that night, so he talked "man-to-man" with my dad the next night. We were married in May 1990, and are still going strong !
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What sweet stories! Shell, even the Walmart one is sort of sweet

Mine didnt pan out either but I still love the story. Ron and I had been dating about 6 months. We were so in love, so hopelessly in love. I still get sad when I think about it because it was so perfect. We dressed up for a nice night out on the town. I think it was a Friday or Saturday evening. This was June of 99. We were both dressed up nicely and first went to his neices birthday party. Afterwards he brought me to Pepitos in Minneapolis. I knew he was going to ask. We had been talking about marriage for a while, and I just suspected with the nice evening that it was going to happen. Well, the stupid table made it all wrong The light that hangs down over the table blocked us from even being able to see eachother. We both stared at the light or had to duck down or around to look at the other. It was kind of funny.. and I think thats why he didnt do it there.

We left and went down to Minnehaha Falls, a place where theres a bridge and right above the actually falls, and walked around a bit. It was a beautiful night and very quiet. He told me stories of his childhood and playing there and we walked up to the bridge. I thought maybe here...?? But we just stood there for a while looking at the water. Then he lifted me up on to the wall and we talked and kissed a bit Then it happened, he asked me to marry him and I was full of tears and joy and love that I cant remember anything else he said. I just remember him slipping the ring on my finger and me walking on air the rest of the night. It was about 10:00PM by now, and we stopped by my dads house and I showed him my ring. It was a gorgeous square setting, white gold with a large diamond. It was his grandmothers.

We went out to dancing afterwards, to the club we had met at and showed my ring to all my friends. It was a wonderful night
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My husband & I had been "talking" marriage for a while but I didn't think he would propose until months after he did (he kept saying it would be romantic to propose on Valentine's Day). We had been looking at rings and unbeknownst to me he had bought the ring and still kept looking with me (it is a good thing I didn't change my mind about what I wanted). On Christmas day we went back to my parent's place after having dinner with his family. We were alone, as my family was at my grandmothers. The lights were out, except for the tree, & we were sitting in front of it just being mellow. It was weird - he just couldn't sit still. I was actually getting irritated at how jumpy he was. Next thing I know he is down on 1 knee proposing.. The 1st words out of my mouth were "oh no" as I wasn't expecting it at all. I then said yes, of course!
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What sweet stories! :

My sweet husband took me out to dinner on the fourth anniversary of our first date, to the place we had gone to eat on our first date. He had been acting preoccupied all evening - I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. Then during dinner he started reminiscing about our time together over the last four years, and how we had gone to this place for our first date, and how nervous we had been. Then he asked me to marry him. To be honest, I was really surprised - we had talked about marriage but he'd never come out and asked, so I was really beginning to wonder if we were going anywhere. That explained why he was so nervous that night! I started crying, and after I recovered my breath said "yes". He told me that he hadn't gotten a ring because he wanted me to go with him to pick one out - he wanted me to choose one with him, together, as any decision in a marriage should be made with consideration of your partner's wishes. : We got married exactly a year later, on the 5th anniversary of our first date.
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Originally posted by tuxedokitties
We got married exactly a year later, on the 5th anniversary of our first date.
That is sweet! We got married on the anniversary of our 1st kiss.
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I already posted my own story, but this thread got me thinking and now I want to post some other stories I know about - the most romantic and the least romantic.

One of the sweetest and most romantic is my mom and dad's engagement. They met when mom was 14 and dad 18, and got married 5 years later, but they got engaged the Christmas before they got married. My dad, who is an orphan and had very little money, bought a diamond ring, so that is a story in itself, but then he went to my grandfather to formally ask for her hand. My Pappa was a very capable drinker, so he took my dad down to the basement for a few shots of 18-year-old whiskey to see how much my dad could take - well, he doesn't really remember how many he had, but apparently enough, since he got permission Anyway, a week later on Christmas Eve, my dad was at my mom's house for dinner, and he was getting dressed in his good suit. He called her upstairs saying he couldn't find his cufflink, that he'd lost it under the bed. She heaved a big sigh and went upstairs, where he was on his hands and knees looking under the bed. She sat down, he pulled the little box out from under the bed, he was already down on one knee, and then he asked her to marry him. They've been married for 34 years.

The least romantic was friends of my ex-boyfriend's mother. They had been going together for a while, but no serious plans for marriage had been discussed. One day, they were sitting in a pub with about 10 friends around a huge table, and they weren't even sitting near each other. In the middle of a mundane conversation, he pulls a little box out of his pocket, tosses it across the table through the beer puddles and peanut shells, and says, "here, this is for you"... and she married him! They've also been together for 30+ years.

Just goes to show, a romantic proposal is not necessarily a predictor of a good marriage...
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Zack and I had met online back in August of 2001. We actually met for the first time on September 7, 2001 (2 years ago yesterday)! We had talked about getting married when we had gone to Colorado Springs at Christmas that year. Well, he said he would purpose on Valentine's Day...well he kind of through me off when he did it on my birthday, exactly a month before (January 14). He went for a picnic at the Waterwall in the Galleria area. It's a little park with walls of water streaming down. Well, right after we ate, and had a little birthday cake for me...he grabbed my hand and he walked me over right in the middle of the wall, got down on one knee and opened up the ring box (my .77 carat heart shaped diamond sparkled at me). He said, "This has been the best couple of months of my life, and I want to spend the rest of them with my wife, if you will take me?!!!" Of course, I had to say YES! On August 10 (2002), we were married in his father's church...his dad married us
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My husband knew that I loved seeing animals, be it at the zoo, petshop, rescue shelters, city aquariums...etc. I had wanted to see the Tampa Aquarium, so he took me there and while I was in the aquarium....we saw a huge glass wall with many tropical fishes swimming about. While I was watching the fishes swimming about, another man stands in front of the wall, and proposes to his girlfriend. I wonder...."When and how will my fiance propose?"....
Little did I know that I would get proposed to 15 minutes later. We finish looking at the aquarium then we go outside and drive to a little pier overlooking downtown Tampa. My husband tells me to close my eyes and when I open them, he is down on one knee with a beautiful engagement ring.
~Of course I said "YES!"....2 years later, we were married!
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Mine is unromantic as well. We met online and hit it off wonderfully from the first contact. We were only 3 hours apart so saw each other every weekend, and talked on the phone everyday, usually twice a day!(Thank goodness for calling cards, kept those phone bills low!) We moved in together after 7 or 8 months. We decided we wanted to get married and it would be nice to have a baby. He was concerned about his sperm count so we decided to start trying thinking it was going to take awhile. A month after starting to try we were told that we were pregnant with twins(low sperm count my a@@)!! Things were really rocky for us the duration of the pregnancy. Not between us mind you, just alot of awful stuff going on around us. We weathered it despite me being the size of a small whale(very pregnant).

Anyway to get to the point we had gone out to dinner one night when my ex had my older girls. We were sitting there with the babies in carriers on the table. He was feeding Samantha her bottle when he looked over and said "We really should get married. Is that alright with you?" So there you go. He didn't have a ring because I wouldn't let him buy me one.(We had discussed it earlier.) I do have one now, it came as part of a set that we caught on sale!
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Mika and I started dating on Jan. 11, 2000. And for our first anniversary we went out to a really nice restaurant for a romantic dinner. We had a great time and talked about anything and everything. While we were there, he asked me when I thought we were going to get married and I told him that its not like he was going to ask me that night and that it probably wouldn't be for awhile. (We had talked about getting married and how we were soulmates before that)Anyways, he started acting all nervous and it we were done eating our food and about to leave, when he said that we should stay and have some tea or something. I thought that was a little strange since I wanted to go, but I just brushed it off.

Well, we were talking more and he started to play with his sugar packets and I thought that was strange. Then he asked me where the bathroom was and I told him that I didn't know and I thought they were in the back somewhere. So, he got up and started to come over by me...then he said that he thought it was over by me and he got down on one knee and said how much he loved me and all this other mushy stuff that I don't remember and he asked me to marry him. I was so shocked cuz I TOTALLY didn't expect him to ask me then. I was crying and I said yes, of course. Then I was kinda embarrassed and I just wanted to leave. (I was kinda shy and I didn't like all the people watching)

We had talked about getting married before and how we were soulmates.

After that, we went to my house to show my mom and sisters and brother my ring. They were so surprised and shocked.

I was 18 and he was 19 when we got married. Everyone told us that we were too young to get married and that we were stupid for getting married so young and that we didn't know what we were doing...yadda yadda yadda. Well, we got married 6 months after he proposed and we've been married for a little over 2 years now and are planning on being married for another 75 years!
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