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I have 14 cats. 2 have been caught spraying. (Jim and Sterling for reference)
Jim had a urinalysis on July 6th, came back with good results but since he had a fever we did antibiotics. Still spraying. On Aug 25 he had another urinalysis. Found a small amount of blood. Back on antibiotics and started amitriptylin for behavior. Was cage confined from Aug 25 to Sept 1 when he went to confinement in one room. I allowed Jim in the whole house yesterday and a new pee spot was found on the carpet. (Sterling is the only non-suspect, he was back in confinement).
Sterling had a urinalysis on Aug 25. Found conciderable blood. On antibiotics and also amitriptylin. Cage confined for about 4 days and room confined until Sept 3 when I gave him a trial run in the whole house. (with Sterling I was assuming it was LESS behavioral than medical)(Jim was in confinement) Found a new pee spot so he went back into confinement and had a follow up urinalysis on Sept 5. MUCH imptroved so we are upping the dose of amitriptylin assuming now that it is more behavioral than medical.
I should add that Jim and Sterling are sharing a room for these almost 2 weeks and no accidents were found in this room or in the other part of the house with the other cats.
Now for the questions:
1) what other medical problems should we look for before assuming it is 100 % behavioral? (I have had Sterling for 3 years with no problem although new cats have come into the house recently....fosters)
2) Has anyone actually had success using amitriptylin for this problem?
3) are there other medications I should ask to try?