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advice-poo stuck on sunni's butt!

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Hello! I am not sure what to do. I have a fat cat (adopted about a month ago) and noticed that sometimes after she poops in the litterbox, some poop gets stuck on her butt. I know this is gross and I'm embarrassed to ask but I can't stand it any longer!!!

I think she s so fat that she can't lick her butt.. Sometimes when she lays on the couch or on the bed, some of the poo gets rubbed onto the couch/bed and I don't like that of course!

However, she can be very if my hands gets anywhere near her belly so I don't want to attempt touching her butt. I bought some baby wipes to wipe her butt but am not sure if this will be effective.

How do I get her to groom herself better?? I am trying to get her to lose weight but that will take a while and i need to fix this problem soon!!!!

Anxiously awaiting for ur responses..

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Well, the diet is going to improve things all around. For now, if she has long hair I would trim around her toosh really well. If you are feeding a lower quality or canned food, I would get her on a good dry food. Normally their poop is hard enough when on a regular diet that it should not stick to where it comes off on furniture.
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Hmmm. I really appreciate ur feedback on this. I want to clarify one thing- I have two cats - Zebra who is having gas and diaherrea and 2nd cat is Sunni - the one who keeps having poop stuck to her toosh..
I have been feeding Zebra Purina so I guess I'll have to buy the Science diet and see. The prob is how do I prevent Sunni from eating that too?

Sunni's poop is usually hard enough but sometimes I guess it just sticks. I will try to trim her toosh tmr and see how it goes. Let's keep our fingers crossed that she won't go crazy and attack me when I do!
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I know all about poop.......Jake (my youngest) was terrible as a kitten....he would fall asleep everywhere and anywhere....to the point where a few times he would be in the litter tray and he would just fall asleep and fall into his poop....gees what a job cleaning that up! There was only one thing I could do....slap on a pair of plastic disposable gloves get some tissue and clean it like a babies butt! Being that my two are Persian cats sometimes we have a few bits getting caught here and there but it is a rare thing and totally harmless to pull off!

If one has diaherrea has it been going on for some time? Maybe you should get that kitty checked with the vet....it can cause dehydration and other complications.

I do not know if you have this were you are it is a Purina product...but my two have really sensitive tummies....any change in their diet they get bad tummies. Even if I use the same brand of food but a different kind - same problem. I have found that Kit & Kaboodle is just great, maybe try that.

Hope you solve the problem.

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We have a similar problem with Cinnamon, our long-haired cat. Sometimes, she gets it stuck under her tail, near her butt. I usually hold her, and my husband pulls it off w/ kleenex. She's not happy, in fact she gets But, it has to be done!
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We have a grossly obese (Yes we are working on it) male feline. He has longer short hair. We shave his butt - I know it sounds gross but it works - and because he is so fat he can't fight too much. We feed Innova - so in our case it has nothing to do with diet and his poop is solid but the mucus is still moist (it has to be)

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My long haired baby weighs in at 18 pounds! We had a similar problem with her and Ihad to take her to the vet and get her tush shaved - cost me $36 and we have been on a special diet food ever since. Noodles has lost about 2 lbs since March and can now reach her own tush! We feed her restricted calorie Eukanuba.
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We have a slightly tubby, lazy groomer cat named Winnie who has butt issues. Every now and then it is poo, but she also has very sensitive scent glands there that get clogged at the drop of a hat (butt-scent zits? ewww!...)

I use the least offensive baby wipes available (unscented, aloe, moisturizing, etc.). I corner her on her chair in the kitchen, hold her like a football under my arm, head facing back, and just attack, until she squirms away or I start to feel bad about her yowling. Then, 10 minutes later, I do it again, and again, and keep going until it's gone. The cleanser on the baby wipes softens anything that's there, and also encourages her to lick there. She has had no ill effects from anything on the wipes, and she always forgives me.

This is what works for Winnie, hopefully you can use some of the suggestions.

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Hi! I have learned a wonderful thing when it comes to those,
what I call "cling-ons". It is the Sanitary Clip. You just
take a pair of really sharp scissors or clippers and clip the area
around her the bottom and inside the upper leg (you know, where the stuff clings to). It doesn't even show very much when
you do this. It is a good idea to clip the hair when you are brushing the britches or when the cat is extremely calm. Once done, it lasts a long time until the next clipping.

If you feel that you are unable to do it initially, ask your vet to do "The Sanitary Clip". He/She should know what that is. It really
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My little boy is an avid cleaner but not when it comes to cleaning his tush. Don't understand it. He is a short hair thank god and at first I used to find black flakes once in a while - could not figure out what they were. Turns out that they are poop that dried and fell off - UGH - so now what??? Well I use babywipes once a day on his behind - I figured if it is delicate enough for a baby it is OK for my boy. So he got used to having mom chase after him once a day to wipe his butt - Problem solved.
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I had that problem with Stinkie when he was a kitten (that's how he got his name). We got him from an animal shelter and he had problems with pottying. My advice to you is to just do what I did. It ain't pretty, but ya gotta wipe it off. lol. I actually sometimes had to pick it off of him after it dried. I know - yuck. Of course, I used paper towels and kleenex. But, hey, I'm his mommy. It had to be done. There is nothing I wouldn't do for that cat. Sometimes I would stick his back end in some soapy water and clean it that way. He was just a small kitten though. But he didn't go for that too well. You could also trim the fur back there so that it won't stick as much. Thankfully, Stinkie got past that. He does fine now.
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Do you give your cats milk? Like normal milk that we drink? If so, stop cats are not soposed to drink cows milk because it gives them diarreha (how eva u spell it lol) SO that might be why her poo is not hard. Give ur cat a bath! lol u got to clean it.. If to u leave it like that she can get an infection or she can even get.. Worms! ew
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my cat used to weigh about 20lbs and he was pretty fat, but then I got my kitten and they run allover the house playing and chasing, and he has lost about 4lbs! woo! If your cat is fat, get it a playmate! sometimes it is just lack of stuff to do that makes a cat fat. I mean, even if it doesnt liek the ktiten, it will still have to run away from it! that's exercise!
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I have a Persian who is not overweight (9 lbs) and is an excellent groomer but poop still gets stuck on the fur around her butt. That's when I know it's time to trim the fur around there! But please make sure you don't get anywhere close to the skin/tissue. It doesn't have to be trimmed that far.
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Originally Posted by BigOrangeMenace
my cat used to weigh about 20lbs and he was pretty fat, but then I got my kitten and they run allover the house playing and chasing, and he has lost about 4lbs! woo! If your cat is fat, get it a playmate! sometimes it is just lack of stuff to do that makes a cat fat. I mean, even if it doesnt liek the ktiten, it will still have to run away from it! that's exercise!
OMG you are so funny! Funny but true!
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I had the same problem. It is MUCH better now I had the cats clipped around the area but still happens on occasion .... I found Petkin make a nice "wet ones" type of "Tushie Wipes"- safe for cats and has a nice smell to it. I use that to wipe anything off their hair, but yeah - they don't exactly enjoy it. But they enjoy the wet/Petkin Tushie Wipe smell even less, so they then flop down and lick it off thoroughly...
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Like many other members are saying, a trim is the best thing. Give her a "courtesy cut" around the bum area. If you're too scared to do it yourself (you mentioned she flips out when stomach touched), You could take her to a groomer for a minimal charge.
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I just adopted an 8 month old cat a week ago and I seem to be having the same problem. It's really unhygienic because she walks around the house smelling like poop because she's got a clump sticking to the fur near the bum. Then I've also found clumps that "got away" from the bum fur and just dropped on our carpet.

Since we've had her, her poop has been mushy & terribly stinky (I'm gagging!). Is this just mushy stress poop and will it go away soon? My husband is really losing it on me because of this nasty poop business (he never wanted me to get a 2nd cat in the first place) so I need to get this under control ASAP! Any words of advice or maybe sharing some experiences? Thanks!

P.S. I'm currently feeding her the remainder of her Science Diet mixed in with Nutro (all dry kitten food) and put a small spoon of Merrick wet food on top to make it tastier. I can't imagine this being the reason why her poop is mushy.
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On the first day I adopted baby PeluĊŸ I tracked her for the whole day, watched her poo and then clean herself up evreywhere except that she didnt even come close to licking her butt off, but when I picked her up she didnt have a single spot of poo so it didnt bother me so much that she didnt clean up around that area.
Anyway, one time she was sitting on my lap I happened to scratch my nose with my finger.... and WHOWW my hand stunk like poo!!! Also my arm (where her butt wiped off I guess) ,and wrists were stinking like hell! I smelled her butt and yup ... there were tiny bits of poo clinging from her little toosh! From that day on I wipe her butt off with the mildest baby wipes EVERY time she poops, which is usually twice a day. She very often lets me do it just fine. I guess it just tickles her cause she doesnt run away ,instead she kinda twitches her bum around!! Its a really funny sight! After Im done she licks off the wiped area as if I wiped her off with more poo!

Oh and shes a shorthair ... she has a very clear bum and the poo never gets in her hair..it just sometimes smears around her anal area no matter how hard the poo is. Oh and dont even let me mention how it gets when she has a little more liquid poo : once I actually had to run after her and catch the poo off her butt onto the tissue before it fell on to the carpet! I practically flew like superman! I always thought my kitty would immediately lick her butt after the loo but nope... You just HAVE to wipe their butts off. I swear it really stinks bad if you dont. You can smell the poo off your hands and arms after petting her on your lap. Just think of how your couch would smell like!!!
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