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Any PC Techies here??

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I need help! I bought a 120GB hard drive the other day and installed it. Everything went fine .... EXCEPT it's full size isn't recognized. So it shows as an 8.4 GB hard drive instead of 120 GB. I know I need to update my BIOS and I have the files but can't make a boot disk from the dos prompt. When I try, I get a message saying invalid command. I entered it exactly as ASUS instructions say.

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Need a little more information hun.

What O/S are you using for one. If it is Win95, you're screwed, as it won't recognise something that big.

What type of boot disk are you needing? One to DOS? Or one to install BIOS Upgrade automatically?

It is possible your board will not support a hard drive of this size; in that case, you will need to get a "virtual BIOS" which should be available from the manufacturer. that will allow the drive to be detected, and used.

As what type of Hard Drive is it? SCSI or IDE.
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I'm running Windows 2000 and am trying to update my BIOS. The motherboard is an ASUS P2B and I've copy and pasted the instructions I've been trying to follow below.

Recommended Flash EPROM (BIOS) Management & Updating Procedures
New Features of AFLASH:
1. Support 1M or 2M Bits Flash EPROM.
2. Support ACPI Function.
3. Compare "BIOS Version", "Chipset and Model" and "Date of BIOS Built"
between the current and updated BIOS. If any of above items doesn't match
, it will give you the warning message.
Upon first use of the computer system:
1. Create a bootable system floppy diskette by typing [FORMAT A:/S] from the
DOS prompt without creating "AUTOEXEC.BAT" and "CONFIG.SYS" files.
2. Copy AFLASH.EXE to your new diskette.
3. Run AFLASH.EXE from your new diskette and select option 1 "Save Current
BIOS To File." Please Enter File Name to SaveCurrent File).
Updating BIOS procedures (only when necessary):
-> IMPORTANT: Flash Memory Type maybe "AMD Am29F002NT". If "UNKNOWN" is
displayed after "Flash Memory:" then this ROM chip is not programmable or
not supported with the PnP BIOS and therefore cannot be programmed by the
Flash Memory Writer.
AFLASH will check the file and flash type whether parameter block matches
or not 8K4K4K(e.g. SST 29EE020 or Winbond W290020) and 16K8K8K(e.g. Atmel
AT49F002T, SGS-THOMSON M29F002T or AMD Am29F002NT).
1. Download an updated ASUS BIOS file from the internet (WWW), FTP, or a BBS
(Bulletin Board Service) and save to the diskette you created above. See
ASUS CONTACT INFORMATION on Page II of the User's Manual for more details.
2. Turn off your computer and open the system cabinet to Enable "Boot Block
Programming" jumper as shown in section III of the User's Manual.
3. Boot from the floppy diskette you created above.
4. At the "A:\\" prompt, type: [AFLASH] and then the <Enter> key.
5. Enter 2 "Update BIOS Including Boot Block and ESCD" from the Main Menu.
6. The program displays a second screen prompting you for the name of the
BIOS file. Type in the complete file name and extension of the new BIOS,
and then press the <Enter> key. The utility then uploads the BIOS file
from disk.
WARNING: If you encounter problems while downloading the new BIOS, DO NOT
turn off your system since this might prevent your system from booting up.
Just repeat the process, and if the problem still persists, upload the
original BIOS file you saved to disk above. If the Flash Memory Writer
utility was not able to successfully download a complete BIOS file, your
system may not be able to boot up. If this happens, your system will need
service from your vendor.
7. After successfully downloading the new BIOS file, exit the Flash Memory
Writer utility and then turn off your system. Set the jumper back to its
default setting of Programming "Disabled or Protected."
8. Turn on your computer and hold down the <Delete> key to enter BIOS setup.
You must select "Setup Default" to affect the new BIOS, then you may set
other items from the Main Menu.

AFLASH.TXT 3/13/98
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