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Are you seeing Animation?

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Is everyone able to see the animated smilies? I see them but they are not animated. Just kind of frozen in time!
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Looks animated to me!
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What I'm seeing is a winged smile moving to the right and revealing the words "little Angel". The smile returns to the left and repeats the action. Is this what you are expecting to see, or are you expecting more animation of the smile itself?
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I'm not seeing any movement of any smilies. It must be something with my browser or my settings. Possibly my firewall.
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That happens to me sometimes....or the site doesn't load up completely. I just close the browser and relaunch. It usually corrects it.
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I shut down last night and today I still see things the same. I have a feeling it's a setting with either antivirus or spybot. Just have to figure it out.
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It could be that new hard drive you put in, and the fact that you don't have it all showing up. I would suggest that you will probably have to make a C & D drive out of that hard drive. That's the way it works on my computer.
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Hmmmm... I have some questions:
What type of internet connection do you have?
How many megahertz is your processor?
How much memory do you have?

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I don't think it's my new hard drive. I'm still running all applications off the old drive. I only installed the new one as a slave. And I did format the new one so I have a C, D, and E drive (so far).

I'm on a highspeed broadband cable service. I've always seen animated gifs before. It's a Pentium III and I have 328 of RAM. I'm 98% positive it's either the Zone Alarm firewall or Spybot settings. I just have to figure out which setting it is. Maybe scripting? I'll ask at their message boards. I just wanted to make sure it was just me and not everyone else! But if you think of anything please fly it by me!
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YAY I fixed it!!! It was from my zonealarm firewall. I went to their forums and got an immediate answer on how to fix it! I'm in smilie business again!!

Ok I only fixed it partway!
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This is a test. Please ignore me right now.

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