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Question to all

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What got you into wanting to rescue and join programs to help cats and kittens?

I'll tell you my story.

A friend, had rescued a cat who was wandering around and she took her in and cared for her. The cat over the next few days grew sick and my friend realized that the little one was pregnant. She tried everything to help Kali (cat) get better. Day by day, Kali showed signs of the sickness getting worse. My friend took her to the vet. Kali was poisoned with Antifreeze. There was a man going about their neighborhood and poisoning the cats. The vet knew of this. Kali had to be put to sleep, babies and all.

That story touched me so deeply, it still does, I have tears just writing this. I had joined P~A~A~N earlier in August, but I didn't start really pushing it until I heard Kali's story.

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Our story started very simply. A stray cat eating out of our garbage can in the fall of 2001. Kittens turned up in our yard the summer of 2002. We needed to know what to do. I found this site. My husband started trapping cats so we could spay & neuter, vaccinate and release them. We adopted ourselves or adopted out the kittens of the litters that turned up before all the cats were spayed - but we got them all last fall, and there were no kittens this spring.

Then Anne posted a link to an offensive editorial written by someone unfamiliar with the plight of ferals, and that took it to another level for me. Several of us started www.SaveSamoa.org and www.StrayPetAdvocacy.org (which is going up in a day or two).

We have five cats and continue to help rescue and trap local cats.

We have been so fortunate that all of our stories, so far, have happy endings.
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Oh gosh- many many moons ago... I lived in a small apartment in Stanton California. There was a small lot behind the apartment that still had a few of the last surviving trees around. One day while washing dishes, I noticed moment in a fallen log. Looking closely, I saw a small gray kitten peeking his head out looking around. Pretty soon he was joined by another orange kitty, they both were in pretty bad shape. All I had was tuna, and I hustled outside and set a can on the log then went back indoors. From my window I watched them both peek their heads out and look around, then they both literally dove for the tuna can knocking it over and spilling the contents everywhere! I hurried to the store and bought a large supply of canned cat food. I fed these two about 5 times a day and each time I moved the bowl closer and closer to my apartment, but never out in the open where they would feel threatened.

Eventually, there were feeding under my window, so I popped the screen and left the window open one night, keeping vigil, and they came inside! I went around and put the screen back in place shut the window and had two really scared kitties trapped in my apartment. They went to the vet the next day, both were boys. I named them Cassidy and Sundance, as there was a popular movie playing in the theater then with characters with those names.
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My own rescue was our little Ophelia. We heard a kitten in distress and figured out she was trapped in between the walls of our apartment building. So we cut a hole in the wall. I guess I was naive back then, because I didn't think that anyone would have done any different for her. She was a baby in a bad situation, and I couldn't let a life slip through the cracks like that. I honestly thought she would have had multiple holes in walls to choose from. (Told you I was naive!)

Then I came here, and started reading. And as my love for my own two cats grew beyond what I thought was possible, I learned about the horribles lives and deaths that many cats and other animals face on a daily basis. I read of the horrible abuse cases that made my stomach curdle. I read of people who take in and care for the abandonded and abused that people throw away or worse.

So, to make a long story short, it was really TCS that showed me the great need of these animals. I'm just happy that TCS also introduced me to Laurie and Christy and Kass who make up the Save Samoa/Stray Pet Advocacy team, and I truly hope that we can make a difference in the animals' lives.
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It was the middle of summer and I was doing work experience in a local politician’s electoral office. Around noon one day, there was a bit of a fuss in the building next door. The people in the building had been hearing kittens desperately meowing, somewhere in the roof for two days. Eventually, they decided to call the Fire Department to see if the kittens could be located and rescued. The fire department arrived and had to tear a hole in the ceiling to get to the kittens. They were around one week old and distressed, very hot and dehydrated, but alive. It seemed as if the mother had either abandoned her kittens or something had happened to her.

On a spur-of-the-moment decision, I volunteered to take the four kittens home and hand-rear them. To my surprise and delight, the kittens thrived and seven weeks later, I was able to find homes for the four cute furballs.

I didn’t foster any kittens for a few years after that. I moved house, started University and wished for my own house so I could have a cat of my own.

A year ago, I decided to start fostering kittens again. I have a very understanding landlord who allows me to foster the kittens at home (and have four cats of my own!). Of course, the house is clean (but not always tidy!) and the kittens have their very own room. So now I take in kittens right from birth to 8-weeks-old-ish, depending on if they're sick and might need a few extra weeks of care.

That's how it all began for me.
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Well I have always loved cats. I've only had 2 cats in my life the first from the time I was 5 until I was about 11 or 12. She died young of either FIV or FeLv & the second is my baby you see in my Avatar. Her name is Smokey. She was not a rescue persay. She was born outside in my aunt & uncles barn along with about 8 - 10 other kittens from 2 litters born at the same time. She was the smallest of both litters & when my mom said I could get a kitten I sat watchfully while my cousins played trying to pick out who would be my kitten. Well it became obvious when all the larger kittens pushed her out of the way at food time & all she got were left over scraps. Now 17 years later she's still my baby. Almost two years ago she was diagnosed with CRF. I was devistated & cryed myself to sleep every night for at least a month. Around that same time my sister began her search of a dog. Her significant other had 2 cats, so they let the humane society know that & said the dog needed to get along with cats. & that's when Abby came along. Unfortunaly Abby was not a cat freindly dog. During the time she had Abby we talked almost every day. I never got to meet Abby, but somehow I fell in love with her any way. I had always been a die hard cat person, but after meeting more & more dogs I began to love them too. After my sister finaly had to make the devistating decision that Abby could not stay because the cats would never be safe with her around. My sister & I began talking more & more about animal rescue. I knew I could only work for a shelter that was no kill. So even though my schedual was very full with work, school, & teaching Sunday School. I decided I wanted to volenteer. So I found the only No Kill shelter in Milwuakee County & began volenteering there once a week. so for me it wasn't one animal in particular, it was a combination of animals that have touched my heart & I turly feel like I have been called by God to help the animals that can't help themselves. It's funny every once in a while one of my friends jokes that I'm the Mother Theresa of Cats, but I just shake my head & say my once a week can't compare with the commitment to these animals I see in others.
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I always wanted to help animals, but with full time job, hubby, step-kids, travelling, my own animals (all strays) I just never had time.

About two years ago, I lost my last cat, who was 20 and told myself I didn't want any more cats. I adopted a dog, and was happy with her.

Then last year, I found the cutest orange kitten in the woods. I trapped him and brought him home, but was determined NOT to keep him. I contacted a local rescue, and said I would foster him if they would help me rehome him. They did so. I found another kitten.:p and they helped me rehome her too.

I decided I was now ready to help animals, and joined the rescue. I have fostered many cats and kittens since then, and it's SO rewarding to see the abandoned, starving, hopeless and fearful cats blossom and learn to trust and go to homes where they will be loved and spoiled all their lives.

The only real downside is that we cannot save them all.
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