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Vets Trip tomorrow........Oh No!!!!!!!

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It is that time of year again....the one time I really really hate.....vet trip for boosters I have to take both Jake and Bagpuss.....it is a nightmare trying to get them into the carrier.....it is like they know they are going even if I act normally.

They become so nervous :paranoid2 they hide under the bed....well they hide anywhere where I cannot get them....I think it is sometimes because they think and find it funny for me to be in a suit all readt for work laying on the floor trying to drag them out from under the bed :LOL: then once they are there we have to literally tip the box up and let them drop out and once they are finished they run into the box and sqeeze themselves into the very back of the box.

The weird thing is any other time I leave the carrier out they are in and out of it playing in it and sleeping in it....go figure!!

I am just dreading tomorrow morning
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my kittens just had their first adventure in the kitty carrier, and I think they've ben scared for life! They won't go near the thing any more. but then, I suppose most all kitties don't like them. I've never met one who did anyways. have fun!
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They are feeding off your nervousness which is why they don't want to go in the carrier. Try to relax when you call to them, sit on the floor like you have all the time in the world. When they do come up to you, just rub them in all their favorite spots, keep breathing deeply and then put them inside the carrier. Do you just use one carrier or do you have two? If you have two, I suggest you use one for each cat, it helps the cat to feel more comfortable that way. When you put them in the car, make sure the carrier is level- most cars have that slanted seat. If you use two carriers put them so they are facing each other and cover them with a dark cloth, make sure they are not in the sun and have plenty of ventilation. Good luck
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Well the vet trip is finally over......I firstly made the mistake of wearing a black skirt.......covered in cat hair but never mind. I played with them and gave them an extra treat, I cuddled them and kissed them and told them I love them.

I have only one carrier but a big massive one so they both go in one, if they go in separate ones when I get them home the fight for a few days afterwards, obviously one thinks the other is having more fun or something

Bagpuss literally stolled in and laid down. Jake on the other hand.....legs both sides of the carrier saying nope not going. I managed to get one leg off and them the other but before I knew it the other leg was on the other side. Quite amusing really

Once we were there Bagpuss was first she had her shots which are never a problem. Then he checked her claws and clipped a few of them. Jake also was find with his shots.

Mike (my vet) got the clippers out to do his claws and I had to ask him if her was sure he wanted to go through with this. He said he was fine. This is how it went....
1st paw was fine
2nd paw growling and hissing started and I got bitten
3rd paw even though I was holding him by the scuff he managed to get free and literally go for the vet
4th paw....Jake was muzzeled......which was sad but necessary....and after that he was more than fine.

Both of their health are in tip top order....although in September/Ocotober Jake will need to be taken in to have his teeth scaled.....and at the same time he is going to be groomed

On a final note......my vet is sooooooooo darn cute
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Oh my...sounds like a day to remember!

I took Lily in 3 weeks ago for her first visit and shots..she was 12 weeks (about) and did great...vet even commented on how good she was.

Cagney on the other hand, is 2 1/2 yrs old and is going for her first visit next week. Before I get yelled at, before I moved here, we lived in a security building where she was Never outside, and had absolutely NO contact with other cats.
I know there are hereditary things, but until recently I was very ignorant about cat health...I knew the bare bones basics, but little more.

Now, after the short time I've been here, I have learned so much..from so many helpful, wonderful, knowledgable people!
I went to Barnes and Noble and bought a CatCare book, and have learned so much....from basic care, to training, to warning signs, and so much more!

Anyway, Cagney is going in for her first visit, her first shots, and a spaying....I'm Very nervous/apprehensive/scared sh*tless~!

Wish me luck!
Glad your visit went so well

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Cleo.....I remember a vet I used to use.....he was a horrid man.....I went there once - one of the critters had mites....not bad ones she had one shot and that was it. But the vet made me feel so darn guilty I left there crying my heart out saying sorry to her over and over and over I went out and I brought her loads of toys and gourmet kitty food. He was saying that I should not be allowed to have cats if I allow them to get in that state....I felt like he was being real cruel to me and that I was a bad mum. I have since found a great vet....not only good with our furry freinds but also great to the humans and an added bonus is that they are all men in there and they are sooooooo damn cute

I know what it is like to feel a little spprehensive about the vet visit, but I am sure yours will be just fine. If you are not happy - instead of keeping quiet like I did speak up if he/she is being out of order. I should have done that and in a way I regret it now....although I must say that particular vet has gone out of business here because of his behaviour towards the mums and dads!
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Amanda.....I am so glad your vet trip went well (though a bit rocky) and is over. Just remember you did it for their own good....they will forgive and forget.
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