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I am new to the site and wanted to let everyone know about Fuzz. I lost almost a year ago. I got her when she was 8 weeks old as a friend to my then wifes other cat Buda. At 6 months she got fixed, and was never the same, I would honestly have to say mean. The world went around on her terms, I had to warn friends not to try and pet her, that she would scre with thier heads and make them try but do not do it. Rarely did they listen, after the purring and rubbing, I would see the hand go down and SMACK, claws out, she would nail who ever it was. She would take a step back, hiss, and walk away.
I used to joke that she was Freddy Kruger with fur. If it had a pulse, she had no tolerance for it. But no one ever saw me watching TV, or on the computer when she would curl up in my lap. you could pet her for a while, the she would hiss for you to stop. She would nt move, just didnt want to be petted.
But she knew what the world cheese meant, from anywhere in the house. A friend gave me a light haearted hard time when they came over for dinner and Fuzz laid on thier leather jacket. When they got ready to leave, the wre afraid to get the coat, so I put on these huge leather gloves to move her, she would hiss and growl and walk, not run, but walk to bed.
Then at 13 years, her balance was off, she stopped eating, was drinking constantly. She spent a week in the vets, which I was calling 3-4 times a day to make sure she was ok. Brought her home, did fine for a week, then stopped eating again, but always in my lap. Then one day I got ready to take a shower, and she was standing in the shower, with water running onher, I knew it was time. That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life, she was my little buddy.
People often asked why I put up with her. Like when Imoved and it took 3 grown men 40 minutes to catch her, in a empty room. I would always say, she is my buddy, God put her with me so she could have a good life, I doubt anyone else wouldf have put up with it. To this day I keep a picture of her on my desk. It took me 6 motnhs to get the courage, and now Matty and Suma arein my life, and I am blessed again.
Sorry this was so long, but wanted to vent, thanks for listening
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Even if she was, generally speaking, an ornery little monster, a friend is a friend, and it seems you had a pretty special relationship with her -- no wonder you were broken up when you had to say goodbye. She looks lovely. Thanks for sharing.
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Poor baby Fuzz.
She had a good life with you.
You were tolerant and patient. She will always love you for accepting her as she was. I'm sure her spirit is still with you and that you will meet again one day. And next time, maybe she'll let you hold her without swatting you!

My George had a bit of a temper. You could be patting him or nuzzling him. . . . thinking he was content as could be. . . . and Wham! When you least expected it. . . fast as lightening he'd clobber you with both paws right on the head!

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It sounds like she was lucky to have you. I'm sorry you lost her and i pray shes happily chasing mice at the bridge.
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Thank you for sharing your memories of Fuzz, and sympathies for your loss.
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Fuzz is lovely... You've had such a beautiful relationship with her..
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Sounds she was really lucky to have you. ((hugs)) Hang in there.
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