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Oh No!!

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Fluffys mom is preg AGAIN!! I'd trap her but i don't know how and its not on my property. I called the SPCA and they said i could rent a trap which i don't have the money for...someone needs to get that cat fixed
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Is this cat a feral? I assume it is, so I'm going to move this to the feral forums and maybe Hissy can give you some tips on catching this momma kat!
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I'm thinking shes feral too.Shes had at least 4 litters that we know of (fluffy being one of her kittens and possibly Socks too). I really can't take in more cats as i'm not supposed to even have cats here as it is. Ooops! Anyhow i'm willing to do what i need to so i can trap her if dh work allows me to. I feel bad for the mom as shes a kitten machine and those poor babies that she keeps having. If you have any advice feel frre to post it
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Daniella, try getting in touch with Alley Cat Allies, they may be able to put you in touch w/someone local who has a trap.

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Danielle, are there any no-kill shelters near you? Have you searched on line? Can they take in a pregnant female?

You can click on the link in my signature line and it will take you to resources where you can search to find out. Although the actual yellow pages or the Yahoo yellow pages are often very helpful too.

If your area is anything like ours, the no-kill shelters are full. Unfortunately, she's pregnant again, so you can't have her spayed now. Do you put food out for the cat? Does she belong to someone or is she stray or feral?

The answers to these questions will affect further advice.

Just FYI, you can contact your vet, or vets in your area to see if any of them will lend you a trap. Trapping hints are here: Helping Ferals

You can also contact your vet or other local vets to find out if they know of any "crazy cat people" in your area who may be able to help. Don't feel embarrassed asking the question - there is usually at least one in most communities, and some vet will know who it is. Sometimes even the vet will help.
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Laurie-The SPCA knows but said i can rent a trap to catch her but thats it No i don't put out food for her. Shes at dh work 5 minutes away and they might put out stuff for her i'm not sure. Shes either stray or feral. You'd think if she wassomeones pet they'd get her spayed or keep her inside.This is her 4th or 5th litter of kittens
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I'm sorry I don't have any advice for you-

Good Luck with getting her trapped! Keep us posted!

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i contacted a shelter around here and am waiting to here back. I'll lyk.
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Maybe hubby could take kitten food with him (pregnant mommy needs high-protein food now) - and leave some out in the morning when he gets there and the afternoon when he leaves? If she gets used to eating at regular times, it'll make it a lot easier to trap her. And if she has the kittens before that happens, then she should not be trapped for about 6 - 8 weeks after that. Kittens should normally be with their mum for 12 weeks, but if they're going to be adopted out, it's easier to place younger kittens. And if there's food there regularly, she'll make her nest nearby, and when they're old enough to eat, she'll probably bring the kittens there.

If the worst case scenario happens (trapping her after she's had the kittens and you're simply going to release her once she's been spayed), the kittens can still be adopted out - but she may disappear after being released after being spayed, so you'd have to be sure to trap the kittens before you trap the mom because they'd be too young to be on their own.
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