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any quick ideas

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Hi.. i've just today brought my new perfect kitty home and she's great! just one problem....we were told that shes toilet trained but she just wont use her litter tray....except for lounging in it and trying to eat the cat litter..!!!!??? it's 10:30 here in the uk so im off to bed soon...but she seems confused as to what her tray is for...every time she goes in it (to lie down) i take her out....any ideas on what i can do ????? please?????

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Lor, I'll move this to the Behavior Forum for you.

Is it a covered litterbox? She may be looking for a dark place to hide. If it is new and fresh litter, it won't hurt her to lay in it. She will use it when she needs to, but since her whole world has been turned upside down her instinct is to hide and gradually get used to her surroundings.

What you can do, if this sounds right, is to provide her with an alternate hiding hole. Take a box, turn it upside down with some towels/bedding inside. Cut a small hole, big enough for her to fit through, on two opposite sides (so she won't feel trapped). Weigh down the box so it doesn't move when she goes in and out.
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It was covered but i took the lid off coz she wouldn't go inside. she doesn't seem scared at all and i only take her out because i dont want her to get in to a habbit of lying in it. hopefuly she use it eventualy... other wise perhaps a change of litter and see what happens. its strange having a new cat thats not a kitten....but she's so lovely...cant wait til she's settled..
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Do you know if it is the same type of litter they used at the shelter? She may find it familiar and therefore comforting to lay in it.
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Everythings ok now...she's used it fine, but only when it has no lid on...and she'll only use it in the bathroom for some reason..

when i get a new film for my camera...or if my digi cam decides to ever work..i'll post some cute pics! thanks for the help
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