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kittens clawing curtains!

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A few weeks ago, my mom got new curtains for our living room. One window's curtains hang behind the couch, the others go to the floor and the kittens love this! They love to hide behind them and play 'attack' through them. they also like to climb halfway up the back of the couchthen bat at the curtains. how can I stop them from doing this? Tag even enjoys climbing inside the back of the couch...what do I do? I love my little girls, but they're destroying Mom's living room, and she's not too pleased.
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The best way to teach them as kittens is to pin or tie the curtains up when they are not supervised. When you are with them and they are doing it, you give a firm no and take them to a scratching post or tree. Once they are too big, they cant hang or climb on them.
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Put double-sided tape on the back of the couch. (or cover a towel with double-sided tape and drape the towel over the couch). Also, put double sided tape on a large flat piece of cardboard and then prop the cardboard against the curtains, tape side out. The kittens will not want to touch the tape so they will avoid the couch and curtains.
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I sprayed mine with bitter apple spray or anything
citrus will also do until they get the hint.
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