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Kool aid stands

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My kids are so wanting to do this badly and I keep saying no!...I remember that thing happening to that little girl about having a kool aid stand...what was that?? I don't remember exactly....
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I always wanted to have a kool aid stand too.. so what my mom did was she and my grandmother got together some stuff they don't need and had a yard sale and I set up a little kool aid stand for the people who stopped.. It was so cute and safe because I was right next to her.. It's kinda late in the season for that though..
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Winter is coming up... Hot Cocoa Stands!!
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hot cocoa stands sound great, what about hot veggie soup stands too?
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Oh yeah, and for the parents, Hot Totties (sp)
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i know what you mean about that little girl i thought that was so dumb, it was about having a lience or something like that, just plain stupied, it mad me mad, i forsure think we have better things to worry about!!! now around my neck of the woods kids havem all the time in the summer and i havent heard about it on the news, so maybe its where you live, we dont make the news to often around here, only the local news i say call someone in your area like the police dept. and ask if your concernd it might cause a scene. i hope they can
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