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Sam (Wellington Cats)

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Just had a look at your lovely website!
What beautiful cats you have!!! Persians simply rule!!!!
I have been thinking of getting a bengal, but am somewhat swayed lately.....i have found a beautiful tabby exotic, who looks a little like your Sophie (stunning )

What do you know of the exotic temprement, is it very similar to the persian? Do you find them slightly more vocal/active?
Congrats again on some beautiful cats
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Just took a look at your updates too, Sam, you did a great job! Well done, everything nicely placed...lovely pics. What beautiful kitties. Smooches to everyone
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Awwww! Thanks Jasmine Cat-

This means so much to me as I have spent over 20 hours I swear on that site!

I agree Persians have stolen my heart-

Tabby Exotics are beautiful, My soph. is a lil charmer.

THANKS so much for all your lovely comments JC!

I find the exotics perhaps a little more 'loving' than persians, sometimes persians just seem to flop out and may not come up for a hub but my exotics are such little love bugs, They aren't really active- or vocal but if you chatter to them they will chatter back!

Thanks heaps Superkitty! You are so sweet!

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oh wow you did it yourself... way to go!!!!
I was thinking of paying a web company to get mine up and running.... i'm a bit useless with computers!!!
think i will get the little exotic female instead of the bengal.... safer bet i think with the persians!!
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Thanks- If & when you get your site running be sure to post the URL here, I'd love to see it.

Yup! Get the exotic Keep me posted!

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