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Why do cats like to knock stuff over?

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Leo loves to knock stuff of our counters etc. I dont know how many bowls and cups we have lost! lol. Any idea why cats like to do this?
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Just because they like to?? One of mine also likes to get a good chomp at anything's he's curious about, which is everything. We have teeth marks on everything.

We've had to cat-proof the house, putting everything breakable/bumpable/topple-able away - not only will you lose your bowls and cups, but kitty will get hurt or cut from the shards. On the flip side, the house looks much less cluttered!
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So, are the bowls and cups clean when they get knocked over? Maybe Leo just wants a little knibble of what was for dinner and gets a bit too over-eager!

I think our cats sometimes do it for attention! Monte figured out a few days ago that if he made a loud crash in the kitchen, Mommy opened the bedroom door and got up in the middle of the night to investigate. (He knocked over the Maglight by the phone). I thought it was just an accident until it happened again last night...only this time he unplugged the answering machine, too!

Here's another theory: cats like to meddle and explore (amazing how Monte can open the cupboard doors when he wants to, and how he finds every cat-sized crevice in the back of the closet), and sometimes stuff just gets in the way.

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Reading this kinda brought back a memory from when I was a child. My cat Littlebits was about a year old or so? And she wanted up into the cupboard!

Littlebits jumps onto the counter, we hear things fall to the floor, Mom goes into investigate, and there was Littlebits, in the cupbard, curled up, and there were cups all over the floor.

Silly cat!
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...all of which makes me think of this episode from a couple of years ago (written as part of a message to a friend)...

Subject: The Attack of the Killer Jade

...and co-conspirators.

Midnight. Or a little after, I guess. Reading lights still on, TV still playing, books and eyelids fallen, senior cat in residence on top of pile of humans.

CRASH! #&&#&^^&#&!! TINKLE! #&#&*%*^$^ "Whawuzzat???!!"

Cat removes self. Male human mumbles "hmmmmpph?"

Female human extracts self from cocoon, proceeds to investigate disturbance, meets small feline exiting kitchen with saucer-eyes and "They JUMPED on me, Mum!" demeanor -- "they" being half a dozen vicious plants that had been waiting for the opportunity to ambush a small feline person. They do that. They take great delight in hopping, with as much fury as they can muster, from their restraining pots, at unsuspecting fur people, flinging about as much of their soil as possible in the process.

Are there such vicious plants in your household? Particularly vicious are jade plants, spider plants, pothos.

The plants were sent back to their pots, but the mess of flung soil is still on the floor. Tasks for this afternoon for the Mum (the cleanup) and the Dad (the restoration of appropriate soil levels).

The Mum was not amused, either, to find that the dishwasher had chosen this particular night to pee on the floor -- an intermittent occurrence, not recently encountered, so something of a shock to bare feet on their way to the battle ground on the other side of the room.
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I think our kittens plan together to terrorize the house. We caught the kittens holding open one of the higher up cupboard doors while Peanut was in there knocking stuff on to the floor.. little conspirators
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You do now want to leave an open bottle of soda or a glass of something out where Max can get at it. His favorite thing is to knock it over.
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They like to knock stuff over because they can.

Mine excel at that. They are also skilled at falling off the windowsill onto sleeping humans below, sometimes with claws extended.
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I should have my boyfriend read this thread! He is the one that complains about Leo knocking stuff over. I told him that if he thought this was bad just wait till he has a kid and he has to child proof his house! There was nothing in the bowls they were just left on the counter after being washed. Leo certainly is a little devil cause I can be at the computer and he is there pushing something off of the desk, and I tell him no, he just looks at me like I am crazy and he goes on to push it right off!
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Originally posted by beautifuldevian
I think our kittens plan together to terrorize the house. We caught the kittens holding open one of the higher up cupboard doors while Peanut was in there knocking stuff on to the floor.. little conspirators

Mine do this too, but they did it more when my dog George was alive. It is my opinion that he somehow communicated to them that there was declicious bread on the counter, and if they got it down for him he would rip the bag open and share.

Granted, cats can rip bread bags open themselves but a big golden retriever can do it faster. Plus, they liked to snuggle with him.
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Oh, and just wanted to add that in my living room we have vaulted ceilings, and there is a cutout in the wall at the top near the ceiling. My cat Princess adores high perches and can be found there most of the time. Unfortunately, my mother had some nice ceramic vases up there in the cutout..

It always made us nervous when Princess would get up there at first because of the vases. There were 5 of them in equal distance from each other. One evening, my mother hears a loud **SMAAAAAAASH** and runs out to see what happened. Of course, there's Princess looking down at the broken vase which came from the far right hand corner. She then looked at my mother, and laid down and went to sleep.

At first we thought this may have been an accident. Then she knocked over the other vase in the corner to the far left.

Apparently, she liked to curl up in the corners of the cutout and this was not possible with "human stuff" in the way, so she got rid of it. I think they do it because it's in their way (although enjoying watching things fall cannot be discounted completely - it depends on what they do afterwards.)
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I think that they don't believe in Newton's law of gravity and they test it constantly to disprove it...
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My Kahu just loves to knock anything down that has water in it - he has this fascination with water (well, any liquids) and HAS to knock it over. I now drink out of water bottles (the kind you buy from sports stores) instead of cups - They are NOT safe around Kahu. Funnily enough, cups of coffee are safe
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Funny cats Zoey likes to knock pens and pencils and lighters off the tables. I think they just like to see it fall down so they can go chase it
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