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Deaf Cat........WHAT!

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Well this evening I am at my mum and dads house babysitting my sick little brother and their cat is driving me up the wall

Chester is very cute, he is pure white with soft fluffy fur and the most peircing blue eyes. He is a mixed breed........Turkish Angoran (sp?) and something else - I think a stray so probably best described as Turkish Heinz 57 :LOL:

Mum kinda aquired him. They already have a boxer dog who is an aboslute sweetie - Honey. Well this cat was in desperate need of a home and since my cat Harry died Honey has been lost without her mate.

Well mum decided to get the cat much to dads disgust - don't get me wrong he likes cats - well more tolerates them because he is really allergic to him.

When this cute little critter came into the house he was very very VERY vocal, we al thought that it was adjustment time and he would be okay. How wrong were we!!!!!!

He had to go to the vet for his boosters and we found out that this cute critter is totally stone deaf....WHAT I hear you say....DEAF.......We thought that he was just a silly cat with a bit of an attitude like I am and I will only go when I am ready not when I am called.

He is climbing all over me and crying non stop.......gosh I am sooooooo lucky I don't live with mum and dad......I think I would go totally nuts

Well I am going on a bit now...so I guess I should leave you all now......Bye
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Unfortuantely in cats like you describe (all white with blue eyes) deafness is quite common. The gene for deafness is very close to the genes for white hair and also for blue eyes. Did the vet check both ears or just one? Some of these white cats have perfect hearing in one ear and not the other.
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Hissy......he is totally stone deaf in both ears!!!
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Years ago I had a deaf cat (Keller) I taught him sign language for simple things, like food ( I rubbed two fingers together) then immediately gave him his food. I taught him to come, told him (signing) that it was time for bed, and taught him playtime. It took a lot of patience and lot of repeating over and over before the light went on and Keller understood.
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Hissy - I would love to train him....unfortunately, he is at mum and dads house and I think if I were to tell them about this idea they would admit me :laughing: :laughing2: :LOL: sounds like a great idea thought.....i will maybe ask my little brother to help out
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Sometimes I wonder if Gizmo is deaf as well. He has blue eys, but he is a snow leopard. His background coat is white, with light spots. I don't think he even knows his name. Either that or he has selective hearing! But, then again I don't think he is deaf because he hears Scooter crying and he knows what the word "treat" means.
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The way that the vet initally found him to be deaf was he clapped his hands real loud right above Chesters head....I mean seriously loud...in fact my ears were ringing. Chester did not flinch what so ever. So maybe you should try that
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