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More Trips pwetty pwetty pleeeeeease!!!
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I second that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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' I agree '

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Me, tooo!!!!
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Sorry gang- I have been so busy elsewhere. Here they are on another supervised outdoor activity
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Cute, beautiful,cute, beautiful,cute, beautiful,cute, beautiful,cute, beautiful! I just kept copying and pasting.
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I'm so in love with those three. They have so much personality and a bond that you can clearly see and feel just through the pictures. Do they ever seperate MA?

Thanks for taking the time to indulge us. This is one addiction I'll never be able to rid myself of!!
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I actually got PM's from a few people asking for them! LOL They have us spellbound, didn't know so many other people were under their spell as well!

No, they really don't stray far from each other. And always at least two sleep together and the other one sleeps nearby. There biggest thrill (for them anyway) is to get up in the rafters of the master bedroom, and in the middle of the night- they leap onto our chests while we are sleep! OOOF! LOL
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They are getting SOOOOO Big! What cuties!
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Your white kitties with the black marks on their heads look just like 3 that were at the same shelter where I just adopted Morrell last month. My sister has a cat (Warrior) that also is pure white with a black "smudge" on his forehead. My niece rescued him from a camp that she worked at.

I thought this to be unusual when I first saw Warrior, but now I'm seeing that it's not.

They are adorable.

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They actually are referred to as Vans (meaning the unusual markings on their heads) I think they are beautiful too- except at 2:00 in the morning when they are bungee jumping without a cord from the rafters.
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YAY!! Trips.... I was going into withdrawl. All better now.
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Oh but MOOOM! Don't you know they're just trying to include you in the fun their having?? You're supposed to be happppy!

My boy Sebastian is two and I was hoping by now he'd be out of the rowdy phase. No, uh huh, not happening. He LOOOOOOVES to wait until we're sleeping then ZOOM through the vertical blinds (their plastic), and turn around and ZOOOOOOOM back through them again. It makes the loudest racket and keeps us awake and it gets so bad that sometimes we have to boot him out of the room for a few hours so we can sleep!!!
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MA- They are just too precious for words!

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