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Rusty had an encounter with neighbor's cat

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well this morning my kitty somehow found himself infront of the neighbors cat and my cat got scratched on his side. Thankfully it didn't go through his flesh, but it did cut up his skin in three different spots so I put on some anti-biotics and he seems getting better.

I didn't go to the vet since it doesn't seem that awful.

Later today I noticed that he's limping on one of his paws and it seems swollen a bit, but he won't let me touch it to look at it. So.. should I consider vet soon or wait few days and see if he gets over it.
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Good observation, I think a vet visit is called for. If it's swelling it's likely to be an abscess, and the vet will need to lance it and administer antibiotics.

Hmmm, do you know anything about the neighbor cat? I don't want to be an alarmist, but diseases crossed my mind since open skin is involved.
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my neighbor said her cat chased away 2 or 3 different cats the lady had before. but I have no information on its health. It seems healthy yet one of the ugliest cats I have ever seen.
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I think a vet trip is definitely in order. Superkitty is right - your neighbor's cat could have infected your kitty with something. Is your little guy up to date on all his vaccinations?

And the fact that he's limping with a swollen paw throws up alarm bells with me too. I'd try to get him in asap.

Hope the little guy is okay.
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so far he's up to date with all the vaccinations, infact he just got the rabies one last week.

All day today he couldn't walk with his swollen foot, he was walking around just with the other three feet and it still disturbs him if I try to touch that foot. I'm going to have to wait until monday to see the vet but his wounds healed though
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busta if the wound is closed and there is heat coming up over the top of it when you put your hand near it or close to it without touching it, if you have the stomach for it, open it up and drain it because it is abscessing, and that can be big trouble. If it is cool to the touch then don't bother it and consider that your cat got injured on his paw as well
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hey busta you should check out this thread:
It could be nothing, but why find out the hard way... if you are able then you should take him in just to check... we take our cats in for everything... but then that's just me and i'm pretty paranoid about the health of my cats...
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