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Dangit I hate computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Crap!!!!!!!! I just went into this very long, detailed post about how our Shelty got ran over, even though I told hubby he should keep her tied up or something because she wouldn't stop chasing cars and was going to get hit and how it was my friends hubby who hit her although it wasn't his fault, and how I took her to the vet but one leg would have to be amputated and the other (both were broken) fixed....a plate and pin, etc...he said upwards of 1,000 dollars, and how we couldn't afford that so said go ahead and put her down, and how hard that was and how badly I am worried about my job, and losing it after 14 yrs., because I think the place is closing... and how I found this horrible, painful lump that I am so very worried about.........and GEEZ!!!!!!! After ALL that...I made one wrong move and it ALL was erased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It was a very very long post and now it is just all gone!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh Debby sorry about the long post and then *boom* all gone! Grr!

But i'm more sorry about your lump, your dog and your job...

Aaaaw! Prayers coming your way!

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Oh Thanks Sam!!!!!......I can always count on you!!!!!

*HUGS* I just love you to pieces!!!!! I think I just want to adopt you!!! (need a 2nd mom?)
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Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry about your doggy.

I'll keep my fingers crossed your workplace doesn't close down. The economy is so bad at the moment... at least in my field, and I'm guessing it's not great for anyone really with such a high unemployment rate right now. Yuck.

And you should have the lump checked out. It could just be a swollen lymph node (I seem to get those on occasion, although they're not that painful). But it's best to get it checked out, especially if it's getting larger.

It is good to catch you online though. I don't think we have the same schedules.
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Mommy Deb!

I just told all my pets about your situation and we will include you in our prayers tonight!

*hugs* I love you as well! Please remember we are always here... I'll the comp for you!

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Whoa sounds like you have had a really rough time of it lately. I am so sorry to hear about your dog Please have that lump checked out for you own piece of mind(and all of ours) so that you will quit worrying about it. Hang in there about the job.

I know what you mean about computers. Yesterday when I was on location doing the payroll for a major company in our area the computer I was on was constantly crashing. I was about ready to jump off the roof with a noose around my neck
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Thanks Jenn!!!

I was thinking it was probably an infected/swollen lympth node or blocked pituitary gland...and said all that in the first very large post I made here that got lost in cyber space.

But the dang thing hurts really bad and I can't get in to have it checked out until a week from today......and it is huge!!!!! The size of a silver dollar, only round!!!! And it moves!!!! ARRRGGGG....I'm sure it's nothing serious...but it does scare me...I just keep thinking...cancerous tumer...although I KNOW that it is ridiculous!!!!! What causes a swollen lympth node and will it go away soon??? Do I have to have medication?

And thanks to ALL of you who have read and listened to my total paranoid ramblings tonight! I just needed to talk, and thanks for being there...even though my first and most well worded and detailed post was lost.
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Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry Deb (((many comforting vibes))) from here....that's so many things happening all at once. RIP poor Shelty.

My friend also has to go in for a painful lump on Monday - she choses to believe that because it's painful it can't be that bad....she had a bad one before, and it never showed up on examination.

Just read the second part you posted that you can move it, I remember reading somewhere that that's good.
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You know, I really don't know what causes them, and I'm really only speculating that's what I had (I didn't go in to be checked ), but they both went away after about a week, so I figured it was nothing serious.

Mine was huge as well. Like someone a giant jawbreaker into my body. It was round, and pretty hard... I could actually grip around it - I found it completely bizarre. I've had two, the first was the larger of the two, and it was on my lower stomach, but off to the side a bit. And the other was on my upper thigh, but towards the inner part of my leg.

And even though I didn't go in, if yours persists, I vote you have it checked out. (And yes, I know I'm being a hypocrite. )
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But they went away on their own then? After a week? So I am probably just being silly to worry...I'm just a worrier by nature i think.

This one is hard, painful and between my breast and armpit....more towards my armpit than the breast usually...although it moves so sometimes it it closer to the other. But I am really starting to think it is just a lymph node I am sure it will be alright!!!!! Thanks for sharing Jenn, and for making me feel a bit better!!!
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Debby, I'm sorry to hear about your dog. It's so sad to have to say good-bye to a beloved pet.

I hope your company doesn't shut down, and I hope the economy starts to pick up, so that we won't have to have these worries.

I also say, go have the lump checked. Even if it's nothing, it's better to find out.
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Anytime Debby, and yes, they went away all by themselves... shrinking slowly until they were completely gone.

I still say, if it persists, go have it checked out. If it's something terrible I'll feel more than horrid I have you thinking it's a lymph node thing. And I am hoping it's nothing, but if it sticks around, definitely go see your doctor.
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I really do think now that it is probably just a lymph node thanks for making me rest easier tonight...but I will have the Dr. check it out next Friday....that was the soonest they could get me in. The worst part is, even though I am quite sure it isn't anything serious....having to deal with the pain for a week. Maybe it will just go away though....before Friday.

Thanks for being here for me guys!!! I just needed to talk, and my wonderful catsite friends, who I love dearly, were there for me! Thanks!
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I'll be hoping it just goes away. I am glad to hear you're going to go in to the doctor next week though.

And I wish I could suggest something for the pain. Mine weren't that bad unless I was pressing on them. (easy solution there!)
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I am soooooo sorry about your Shelty. We had an absolutely beautiful and sooooooo completely loving and loyal one named Jodi when I lived in Florida. He got stolen from us! I was completely heartbroken. Love, and prayers to you from me and my boys.

I hope that lump is nothing serious, and please please go get it checked and let us know you're okay. I won't stop worry until you do.

You should take Amber and have a nice warm bath together, play, splash, and destress. Then give her a big ole hug from me! Maybe read a nice relaxing book and drink a glass of wine. Unwind and relax girl. You deserve it, and if you need anything you know we are ALL here for you. We love ya!
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My point of view here - straight forward advice from me who has been married toooo long - go and get that lump checked out NOW- get off your ass and stop mucking with the PC and get to the doc and wait until you are seen.

If it is in the breast tissue - then it needs to be seen NOW - not in a weeks time.

I am a BIG supporter of the fight against breast cancer etc at work and will do anything for the cause. We this year have adopted cancer as our chosen charity and some of us are talking about trying a skydive for it. It terifies me but it will raise a good few hundred ££££ to help fight it.

So come on lass, get it sorted please and do it now...

My thoughts are with you

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So sorry to hear about the dog and your job.

As far as the lump, it sounds more like a cyst to me. If it moves, more likely than not it is just a cyst and not a tumor. I've done a lot of reading on this, and I'm sure I'm right. As much as I think Kev's advice is correct, and you should get it checked, I don't think it warrants any sort of 'urgent' care, as long as you already have an appt on Friday.

Try not to get too down with all this negative stuff going on in your life. Chin up!
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Debby, DO NOT ignore lumps. This one sounds like a lymph node or fatty cyst but its not worth the risk. Get it checked and, while you're at it, schedule a mammogram.

Mom and I both are prone to cysts. Mom had to have a couple removed, thirty years ago. Mine don't bother me and I let them be.
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Oh Debby! What a rough lot you have right now.

I'm so, so sorry about your Sheltie. I really hope that your plant stays open, since I know how hard jobs are to come by in smaller communities. And yes, go get any lump like that checked out. (But I'm also paranoid since Mom had breast cancer.)
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I agree, get that lump checked out - it could be an infected node? I hope that it is nothing serious.

I am so sorry about your Shelty

Debby, everything will be okay in the end, hang in there, you have the board pulling their magic for you.

Mega hugs coming from me to you.

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Debby, I'm sorry you're having a bad time of it. And I'm very sorry to hear about your dog. Hang in there sweetie, there is always tomorrow! But really, you should have the lump checked out just to be safe. It's probably nothing but better to have it checked out right away.
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I agree with the others; please have the lump checked as soon as possible. It is better to be safe than sorry.

I hope nothing happens to your job. My prayers are with you.

Sorry to hear about your Sheltie.
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Debby, so sorry to hear about your pooch, AND your job, AND your lump! Get that checked out pronto, OK. Lotsa good vibes coming your way.
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I'm so terribly sorry about your poor dog. You must feel just terrible having to make such a decision in the end.

And the added pressure of job security. . . .

Deep breaths. . . . reeeeelax. . . . . everything will be ok.

As for the lump. . . . yes, do get it checked.
It does sound like a lymph node to me as well. The fact that you can move it is good. Perhaps you are fighting off something. But still do the wise thing and keep your doctor's appointment.

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