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computer cat fun

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The Cat
Go to this site (link is below) to see something awesome! I have no clue how they got this to work. If you tease her with the mouse pointer on her chest or stomach she will purr, and I got her to meow also, by rubbing her forehead with the pointer. If you make a slow circle around her body, not only will her head/eyes follow your pointer, but toward the top, her paw will go up, and when in front of her paws at the bottom, her foot comes out like she wants to play with your mouse pointer. (Don't hold the mouse down, just move it) Enjoy! Click this link..........



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That cat is pretty cute. I had fun playing with him/her.
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I got it to purr and meow!
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that is so neat how it works, my kittys was very interested in it, i had so much fun with them, they couldnt figure out where that sound was comming from, they thought there was another cat in the house i guess
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How cute
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OMG I love that! The stomach goes in and out just like normal breathing.

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Kev- that was CUTE!! I like it when she looks up... Her breathing is so realistic, LOL!! Thanks for sharing!!

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Cute! In addition, I got the ears and the tail to twitch.
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