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non-stop meowing!

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My little boy has been meowing non-stop for three weeks and i dont know why... any help here?
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How old is he? Is he neutered? What are the circumstances of his meowing?
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He is a year old as of yesterday and he is neutered. My roommate moved out last month and she had a cat. And he's been meowing since. But when I got him in february he was the only cat and never meowed like this. Its literally nonstop.
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Maybe he got attached to the other cat and really misses it. If there is nothing wrong with him, physically, then he may be lonely.

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I was thinking that too... do you think it would help to maybe get a companion for him?
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If you're able to afford it and don't mind having another one, I don't see what it would hurt.Β smile.gifΒ He'll have someone else to pester all day. lol

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