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Help! My cat has a broken leg!

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Hi Everyone! 

So just yesterday I found my indoor cat after she had been out for four days. She goes out once a week or so and she only stays out for an hour and we are always watching her and such. We live in a very safe neighborhood for cats and we've had many over the years, but somehow this one got away. She's a gorgeous calico and we thought someone must have taken her. Anyways this all besides the point after four days of searching and canvasing the town with lost cat poster she mysteriously ended up in our yard. We were so relieved to find her, but we started to notice that she was very withdrawn and would just stay in one place and not move for hours and hours. Finally I figured out that something was wrong with her back leg. I'm almost sure its broken because I've dealt with cats who've had the exact same injury before. I'll pick her up and she'll be just fine, but then i'll go to put my arm under her and support her bottom so I'm not just holding he up by her arms and she'll start meowing and growling. Whenever I put even the slightest bit of pressure on her hip/leg area you can tell she's in a lot of pain. Anyways I am trying to schedule a vet appointment for today, but our vet is very busy and I don't know if we'll be able to get her in today. So my question is what can I do to ease her pain in the meantime? And also what do you think the vet will say? I'm concerned because the break or fracture or whatever it is seems to be very high up on her leg (like her hip) and I know those can be more difficult to fix because you can't put a cast on it etc. So what do you think the vet will do and what will the price be? I always take care of my cats whatever the cost, but money doesn't grow on trees and I do need to be prepared.


Thanks all!

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Is there an emergency vet in the area that you could bring her too or another vet if your vet is unavailable? She really needs to be seen. I can't imagine having a broken leg and not have any kind of pain relief. It's got to be tough on her.
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See if your vet allows walk ins, I have managed to be seen that way even on a day with no appointments left. You will spend more time there than if you had an appointment but she will get the care she needs. If not I would try other vets and see if they will see you today.

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Also, perhaps you can drop her off and leave her for the vet to see her when s/he has a free moment between patients.  I've dropped off my kitties before like that when they needed to be seen, but couldn't get an appt that day.

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Thanks everyone for your responses! smile.gif I did get her in to the vet today...I took her in as an emergency patient and insisted that they look at her. I found out that she has a pelvic break/fracture. I'm soo relieved just because I know whats wrong with her.rub.gif The doctor said that it doesn't need to be operated on because she is able to he said its a "weight-bearing injury." The vet gave us some heavy pain medication and said that we need to keep her from walking too much and putting pressure on her legs. We're going to be seeing the vet in a week so he can see how the healing is going. The vet does seem to be convinced that it will heal on its own...just in case anyone wanted an update. Anyways I would love some advice on how to keep her of her legs as much as possible. If anybody has dealt with an injury like this before or if you have any ideas it would be great. Do you think I should keep her in an enclosure to keep her from being active? Or do you think that she, the cat, will be able to judge (by how much pain she feels) how much walking is to much?

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If she's in a lot of pain, she'll limit her activity herself.  I know I would feel more comfortable to have her confined in a pen for at least part of the day or overnight when I was asleep.  Let her out when you can supervise her.  If she's been doing fairly well, I'd just let her be.

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A year ago my Rosie badly bruised the base of her tail, and the vet told me to make sure she didn't jump heights where possible.


Like Stephanietx has just said if she's in pain she won't want to do anything, because Rosie didn't. I helped by confining her to my bedroom and she stayed on my bed like that for nearly a week. I even put a small litterbox on the bed with her food and water so she didn't have to go far.


Did the vet x-ray her?

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I would definitely try to limit her walking, and make sure she didn't jump around too much. vibes.gif that she will heal up nicely!
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. My cat is also having those sim tomes so I do not know what is wrong blackcat.gif
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