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The Ring

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Okay this movie definitly deserves a thread of it's own- I absolutely LOVED this movie, It's definitly knocks the MR of the charts, I watched it at my friends party and nearly sh*t myself.. , I think it had a twist and you never knew what was going to happen...

Did anyone else enjoy it?? Please share comments and views.

Also Finding Nemo- Fantastic, Bravo!!!! Loved it

Also Fear Dot Com, anyone seen that?

Another one I'm interested in seeing, Italian Job, any good??

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If you liked the Ring, then I suggest you rent Ringu - it is the Japanese version and I liked it better.
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Hey Kellye- I saw that at the movie shop the other day and was going to ask about that- It looks really good!

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I really really enjoyed The Ring! Yup, going to check out Ringu when we get a chance. Don't know what I could discuss that won't give something away. But I can say I really liked the casting, it was done well, and shot well enough.

Haven't seen the other movies yet.
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True Superkitty! Thanks for your input.

I just wanted to know if others enjoyed it!

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Sam - it was nice to see a fellow kiwi in that movie too (Martin Henderson - I remember him from Shortland Street!)
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Arrrrrrh! Shortland Street Star
post #8 of 18 was okay, it could have ended awhile ago but they had to stick in that freaky scene of the girl coming out of the t.v... I reckon they'll come up with a II but considering it was originally a Japanese movie, maybe they won't. There is another one that is suppose to blow us away I can't remember the name of it, maybe The Eye? Not sure, but it's suppose to be pretty freaky, about this asian girl who was blind and a doctor brings her sight back but she sees these weird things that no one else can see. Anyway...
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That sounds interesting Kimberly, I am interested in that movie now!
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It sounds great Kim!

One of thing things I didn't get about the ring was why the girl came out of the TV??? maybe I just forgot..LOL but I'll tell yah one thing, that bit sure sent shivers up my spine!

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( Oooh Big Sis: I hope yah didn't mind me calling you Kim )

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I saw The Ring and, well, ummm (sorry Sam) it was frightening but didn't quite live up to the hype for me. I looooove horror movies but I thought it was derivative of several earlier movies (and better IMO-if you can, rent The Changeling). Still, Ringu is on my list as a must rent!
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I loved the Ring!!! Scarrrry movie I actually preferred The Ring to Ringu though
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I'll check that out Christy!

Hey has anyone seen Admityville Dollshouse(I think that's the name)

I saw it this morning, it was a R16 and everyone had said it was gonna be real scary but I was actually dissapointented.

I think it was a old movie.

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The Ring really didn't do it for me. I was anticipating being really scared (I usually scare pretty easily), but I wasn't at all frightened. Nor was it surprising with twists for me. I'm happy we rented it versus going to the theatre to see it.

Finding Nemo absolutely rocked. It's on my wishlist.

I haven't seen so I have no comments on that one.

The Italian Job, IMO, was quite good. It's an 'action' movie, but includes humor, a bit of romance and a bit of geekish 'techie' bits. It is quite predictable, but good nonetheless. And it has Seth Green in it for all you Buffy fans. Also on my wishlist.
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Thanks for your comments Jenn-

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OoOoOOo Saaaam! I loooooved this movie. I was thoroughly creeped out, and it was sooo funny because right after I watched this movie water started leaking out of the ceiling in our downstairs bathroom!! (A result of a cracked up in the walls I think, but its fixed now)

Finding Nemo was a blast.
Italian Job was definitely a KICK BUTT MOVIE!!

Oh by the way, if you guys liked the Matrix I highly reccommend Equilibrium (sp). It has Christain Bale, Taye Diggs, and another guy I can't remember his name but he played Boromir in the first LOTR movie. Anyways Equilibrium has really great fight scenes that rival the Matrix fight scenes and the plot is pretty dang good too! Watch it!!!

I love these kind of threads!!!
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I love these threads as well- especially when people reccomend movies!heeheehee!

I'm writing all these down- school holidays are just two weeks to go and I'll have stuff to do!

Thanks for your comments Cass-

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