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Those are beautiful, Sicy! The way Zoey is admiring those flowers...I bet she thinks they are for her -- ROTFL!!

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I know!! Of course she immediately has to investigate
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So, Sicy! Do you have any plans for your birthday? (I'm so nosey)
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Well my bf hasnt told me much.. I do know we will probly go to a Salsa club later tonite

I had dinner last night with my parents and my brother.. I will let everyone know what happens
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Happy Birthday!!
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Those flowers are so pretty , looks like to me Zoey like them too
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SICY!!!!! I didnt know your birthday was so close to mine(Aug30)! I hope you have a great time and that Zoey doesnt get too jealous of all the presents and food

Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday!:icecream: :flower:
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Happy Birthday Sicy! Hope you have a great one!
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Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one!

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Happy Birthday Sicy!!!
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Happy Birthday sicycat
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Happy birthday Sicycat!!!!!!!!
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Happy Bday Sicycat. :icecream:
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Hey there fellow virgo!
Happy Birthday Sicycat!
(I was wondering what your zodiac sign was... )
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You guys are so sweet.. thanks to those of you that made the special little signs too .. they are so cute!!!

This birthday girl is POOPED. What an exciting day.
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Details?? Details?? We demand Details!

Glad you got sent some lovely flowers

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Looks like I missed it, I hope you had a great birthday! Those flowers are gorgeous, hold onto that man.
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Details are all in my 'fiancee' thread
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Happy Happy birthday!!
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Hope you had a great day (I know it certainly sounds like you did). Sorry I was late with the well wishes!
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