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Love This Site!

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Hi Everyone!
I thought I would introduce myself. My husband and I are from CA and we love cats.
I posted a message on here a few weeks ago about one of my cats having acne. Everyone was so helpful and polite. And our kitty Stinker is clear of his acne. It was the plastic bowls. We have 2 inside cats. Muffin & Stinker.
We have 12 cats outside that are all fed well.
I also wanted to leave the link here to our personal site, which we have a page on there for cat lovers.
Thanks Again to everyone that's been so nice. It's hard to find such polite folks anymore.
Here's our site. Enjoy!
Please take a few minutes and let us know what you think of the Cat Lovers Page by signing our GuestBook.
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Since I'm new to this site, I wanted to try to insert a photo of our kitty Stinker. Forgot to try it on my first post.
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Hi Purrfect, welcome to The Cat Site. It is a geat site and you are so right everyone here is great. There is a wealth of information and support.

The photo of stinker is lovely - I had a cat called Harry a long time ago who looked just like Stinker
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Thank You! For the warm welcome. Glad you liked the photo of Stinker.
We have had him since he was 3 weeks old. He loves to take a bath, when we first got him, he was very dirty. He was a wild kitty, so we brought him in and gave him a bath in a Ham Can. Since then he loves water. He even gets all excited when ever I get the water pistol out.
He is the most intelligent cat I have ever seen. Of course I'm just a proud Mom.
Thanks Again!
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Welcome to TheCatSite!

I think I'm going to spend some time on your site today. The links section looks very tempting... It looks like a great site that I need some time to explore. Thanks for listing it!

Stinker is a little angel! I love the photo!
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Welcome Purrfect! Stinker is adorable. I love Black & White cats. I have two of them myself. Cody and Feather. Actually Cody resembles him alot! Enjoy your stay here and I look forward to hearing more about all of your babies!

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Welcome to you!!!!!!!!!! Stinker so so adorable! I am glad you have found us here!! Hope to get to know you and Stinker better!
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Thanks To All!
For the warm welcome.
I'll be spending lots of time here.
Stinker & Muffin Thanks You Too!!!!!!
I will try to post a photo of Muffin soon.
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Welcome to The Cat Site! Your web pages are very nice indeed. I couldn't find your guest book, however. Anyway, I hope you and yours will frequent our message board. Thank you!

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Mr. Cat:
Thanks for the compliment about our site. My husband does most of the web page building, and I try to help with the colors and designs.
Our Guest Book is on our Home Page.
Thanks Again!

Have You Hugged Your Kitty Today?
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:flash: :flash:

Welcome to the site. I don't get to post much but I love this site. Thank you for the link. Everyone here is very helpful and I am always glad to see another person who loves cats as much as all of us.
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Thank You Pretty Kitty for the welcome. Hope you enjoy our site.
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I just visited the site and I love the pictures. Lovely site. I signed your guestbook too.
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Welcome Purrfect! You'll love it here at The Cat Site, I know I spend way too much time here. I'm taking the kiddos swimming today, but I'll be suer to check out your site during nap time! Welcome!
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Thank You for signing our GuestBook. Glad you enjoyed the site.
Linda & Don

Thanks for the welcome, and also hope you enjoy our site.
What a nice group of people here.

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Thanks kittyangel, he sure does look like my Stinker.
I think they are called Tuxedo Cats. I also think that they are a very intellengent breed.
Cute photo of Sammy.
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