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people borrowing things

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A few months ago, back in May, I let a person at work borrow our resume writer program, which cost us about $50 or so. I told her to give it back to me when she was done. In July, she quit work, and I dont have her phone number, but have her email. I want it back because 1.) I need it back and 2.) when she quit, she should have returned it back to me, if you ask my opinion. Well, I emailed her on Monday telling her I need it back! It is now Friday, and no response! And, this is someone who does not have to work for a living. I kind of thought of her as a friend, but I guess that is not the case. She called someone else at work when she got back from her 3 week vacation, and she tells me" Oh, I spoke to her, and she told me to tell you hello" Well that kind of irritated me, because she has my work #, my cell #, my email address and my home #. So, I guess it goes to show you that she is not really a friend. Anyways, I guess I have no choice but to ask her supposed "friend" at work to tell her to tell her that I need that cd back .....
You know I cant stand people who borrow things and dont even think to even return it.... Yet alone people who do not work because they dont have to and then get a dumbass respons on how they dont have time. How else am I supposed to get this program back???
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I hate that! I have stopped letting people borrow stuff, because it is so hard to get it back.
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Go to her house and demand it back? I only let my husband borrow stuff because I know how to get it back
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