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Hello and thanks!

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I just wanted to say hi and thank you to all the dedicated cat lovers on this forum. I have never been an animal lover, more indifferent really, until about five weeks ago. If it wasn't for this forum, my first time as a kitty mommy wouldn't have turned out nearly as well as it has so far.

Five weeks ago, my coworker found a stray 11 week old kitten during his lunch break. He brought it back to the office with the intentions of adopting her. Since he had to be in meetings the rest of the day, I was charged with guarding little Stitch. After she managed to break out of about three different boxes, I gave up and decided to let her explore a little. Needless to say, she climbed right up my leg and settled on my lap for the next four hours. There was no way after that I was going to let Stitch go.

About a week ago, I adopted another little girl, Puffy, from the local humane society. I researched adding a second kitten to my home on this site, and followed the suggestions a lot of you have posted here. After the kittens discovered each other, however, there was nothing I could do to keep them apart. They were playing paws under the door in under an hour. After a bit of chasing and sniffing, they became best friends. Little Puffy got sick about 24 hours after coming home, and after reading more advice here, I took her into the Emergency Vet. She was very skinny when I adopted her, 2.7 pounds at 4 months and a large frame, and lost another pound since being sick. She had severe tape worms but is much, much better now.

During her sickness, Stitch turned a bit hostile to her. I had to keep them separated for awhile even though they didn't like it. To get them back adjusted to one another, I used the trick of putting vanilla on certain areas of their fur, and they are back to being best buddies. They haven't been separated in the last two days and just finished giving each other a bath.

I'm one happy kitten mommy now. Thanks to everyone here for all your help! Here's a picture of the girls....it's not great quality because I only had a webcam, but it was so sweet!

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Welcome to the site! I'm so glad you've found the answers you have sought here, even without asking!

Kittens have a way of choosing their people and squirming their way into your heart, no matter what you thought of the idea initially.

Your two kitties are just adorable. I look forward to getting to know you and Puffy and Stitch on the forums!
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Your story was so sweet!

I'm glad you found us here and got the advice you needed!

Puff & Stich look cute from what I can see!

A big welcome to TCS and Look forward to chatting.

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Welcome! I enjoyed your story immensely. You're great for providing a home for TWO needy kitties, what a cute pic, can't wait to see more.
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welcome to the board!!
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Welcome! I am new here too, but it seems like a great place! Have a wonderful time with your new friends - they are so cute in the picture.

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