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Hair loss on cats hind leg

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For some reason the image link got censored.. here it is uploaded to the forums instead




Thanks again

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She needs to see a vet.

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That looks rather nasty! Since it is red, it could mean there is infection, so nothing to take lightly (not saying you are!). It could have originated from a wound, or could be an allergic reaction to something, or other reason(s); best to have kitty checked out by a vet right away before it gets any worse.

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I'm gonna take her (apparently a him!? Neighbour said it is a boy.. my whole life has been a lie) to the vet today. Hopefully it won't cost much as I'm a student with barely any cash as it is.


Thanks for your input guys.

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So far as I can tell from the photo it looks rather like an abcess which are easy and cheap to treat with antibiotics.  However a photo isn't the same as seeing the cat, plus I'm not a vet.  The vet can tell you what sex your cat is as well, and if your cat isn't neutered yet talk to the vet about that as well.

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Tell the vet that you're a student, short on money, and the cat is a rescue.  It may not change anything, but it might.

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Definitely seems to be an abcess to me. vibes.gifvibes.gif it desperately needs to be drained.
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