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Preparing for a kitty visitor

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My cousin's near one year old cat is coming to stay for three weeks while she is away. I am pretty confident that things will go well with my two, judging from the fact that they don't mind other cats, and Sam didn't put up any fuss when Bailey joined the family. And I also don't expect them to be lifelong friends, I just hope that they tolerate each other. So if they don't like each other, just stay out of each others way.

So do I just put them together and hope for the best? Or do that cat quarantine thing and introduce them slowly....

The visiting cat is coming with all of her supplies, and fortunately, eats the same food as my two, and uses the same kind of litter, so that takes care of some potential problems.
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Has your cousin's cat ever been around other cats? If not, it might be wise to do a slightly speeded up slow introduction -- keeping them separated for at least a couple of days while they all get used to each others' scents and getting used to there being another cat around. Chances are pretty good that your cousin's cat will be pretty scared anyway, having been moved into a new house. So, she will probably be content staying in her own room for a while.

Good luck!
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I don't think she has been around many other cats, but the few she has seen, have apparently been not much of a problem. I have no trouble keeping them apart, and I will be home for the first couple of days anyway. I didn't think twice about agreeing to kitten-sit, and now just want to make sure I didn't take on too much.
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What a nice thing to do for your cousin! I know that I'd rest easier knowing I left my little guys with a capable person.

I'm sure you'll do fine, I don't have any pointers for you, but keeping my fingers crossed for you that it'll turn out well. Keep us updated!
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