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Stupid Story For The Week

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From Pulse24.com

Pony In The House

You need quite a bit of room if you’re going to bring home a pony. Most people realize this, but a Danish man bought the animal first and then had no idea where to park it. So Palle Brinch took the pony home. Well, it was a gift for his nine-year-old daughter after all. Trouble is, the family lives in a second floor apartment.

Fortunately, the place had all the right facilities to take care of the animal. Brinch and his daughter showered it in the bathroom and locked it in the kitchen for the night. Unfortunately, the neighbours quickly complained about the stench of horse manure and the rumbling of the ceiling. So a day after the pony came home, police arrived at the Odense abode.

It’s not clear what happened next, but the small horse is now in the English countryside with Brinch’s brother-in-law, and no charges were filed against Brinch. He obviously regrets his decision to try to housebreak the pony. “It had been noisy all night,†he told a local newspaper. “I’ll never do that again.†But what motivated him to do it in the first place? He was inspired by the Danish Kids’ movie Gummi Tarzan, which features a pony that lives in an apartment.

Sounds like a man drawn in by fiction, shocked by reality and saddled by debt.
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What was he thinking????
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I think that's the problem - he wasn't.
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LOL. That reminds me of something we did about ten years ago. My husband was setting up a computer system in a firm in the Black Forest, and the only apartment we could find was a penthouse in a house built into a hill. We had a patio and backyard, and a field of calves as neighbors. One weekend when I was down there, there was a horrible thunderstorm, and the calves broke through the fence. The electricity wasn't working, and we had no tools to fix the fence, and no way of reaching the farmer who had the calves. We herded them into the bathroom, hallway, and kitchen, which were tiled, and had a very restless night, trying to comfort a herd of scared calves that defecated all over the place. The neighbors and farmer had a good laugh about that. Apparently we should have just left them in the backyard, huddled together. I haven't been able to eat veal since.
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LOL! Kass... Thanks for sharing! Made me chuckle!

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At least he was trying to do something nice for his daughter!
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wow, not as bad as my pet rabbit that someone left on college campus! I tried to take care of it in the dorm but he grew too big with the food I was feeding him! Anyway, I took him to a nice pet owner who had lots of land and other rabbits for him to mate and play with.
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I will never forget the day Racer clomped his way into the house! He was only 7 months old, had been out in the backyard munching hay, and all of a sudden he was standing at the kitchen door halfway in the kitchen! LOL I quickly backed him out and led him down the stairs and put him back in the pasture.
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Awww, that must have been a sight to see!!
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