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my cat ate a felt tail...

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Bryan bought roxy a bag of mice and he was bugging me while I was job searching so I threw one.. Next thing I know I turn around and half the tail is missing and half is hanging out of his mouth.. I tried to get it, but he ran and swallowed it. So then I tried to hold him down and see if it was still in his mouth and it wasn't.. WTH?? It was a cat toy so I didn't think it would fall apart in 5min.. Is he gonna be ok?
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How long was it? He should be ok. I came home one day and Zoey had eaten the entire fuzzy tail off her mouse It was about 2 inches long. It passed in her poop the next day thank god. She's also eaten her feather toys and rubber bands I am very careful now about keeping all these kinds of things away from her. I also cut the tails off the mice now.

If he stops eating, or vomiting, I'd take him to the vet. I think more dangerous are things like long strings or yarn that can tie up their intestines

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It was only about an inch long if that.. You shoulda seen my trying to hold him down and pry open his mouth.. I think he hates me lol.. Afterwards he drank a ton of water so maybe he was washing the tail down?? I hope he's ok..
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Keep an eye on him for the next few days, it should pass in his stool. You can give him either some hairball treats or some canned pumpkin to help pass it. I learned early, mice are always tailess here. I cut their tails off before my cats get them.
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do they like pumpkin??
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I always wondered if Zoey would like pumpkin. I have some hairball treats I give her a few times a week just as a preventative. She's always eating my hair and other things.
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Mine love it, but I give it to them as kittens mixed in their canned food. Nuke it a few seconds in the microwave,and mix it with canned food. Works so much better than mineral oil IMO
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do you just toss the rest of the can of pumpkin or do you save it?? If you save it how long does it last??
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My cats ate the tails off mouses ALL the time! I now give them tailless mouses and tell them that the mouses are now handicapped! What can I tell the cats because the tails were their favorite parts of the mouse toys! I don't want them giving me that "sad look"!

Hissy- I LOVE what u did with your signature! HOw in the world did u get "Hissy" to move like that and add "hissss" also?? It's cute!
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U mean Kimward did that for Hissy? Gosh! I'd love to be as talented as u and Kimward are!
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I found out quickly that I cant buy those fur mice anymore, either the cats try to eat them or the dogs do. My dog ate and entire pink fur mouse and it scared me to death, she hacked it up and I thought she was bleeding on the inside until I figured out what it was. I guess its because they are made of real fur is the reason they like to eat them. I stopped buying those and by the cloth ones instead now.
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