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Hello! This will be GROSS so PLS bear with me..

Whenever I clean litter boxes out (at least 1-2 times per day), I would put the used litter in plastic bags, tie it up good and take it outside to a trash can which is lined with a garbage bag. After I put the trash in, I'd put the lid on loosely.

Now, often the trash can start smelling BAD. I was wondering what I can do to lessen the smell?? Garbage is picked up twice a week.

Now here's the GROSS part.. Last weekend, I took a full bag out to the trash can and before I touched the lid (THANK GOODNESS I DIDN'T TOUCH!), I noticed that there were white stuff on the lid so I looked closer (it was at nite) and I realized it was MAGGOTS!

Of course, I FREAKED OUT! I tried to use the hose to wash it off but my landlord had turned the water off (DUMB) and I just couldn't figure out what else to do to get rid of the maggots so I just moved the trash can out on the lawn so maggots wouldn't be crawling on the deck to my door! !! After a day or so in the sun, the maggots died off.

Now my question is, what can I do to PREVENT maggots coming back!?! I think maggots were there cuz I put used cat cans in there and some still have some left overs. I also put some bad food in there because I don't have a food disposal.. Could that be one of the factors of why there were maggots??

PLS HELP with the odor problem AND preventing maggots..
ANY advice will be GREATLY appreciated..
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Scrub your trash can out good with bleach and water, let it air dry. Use rubber gloves and a scrub brush and get it good and clean. If it is just your trash can, make sure that anything you throw away that contained food cooked or raw, has been rinsed well, then toss it. Make it a practice to scrub your can out everytime it is dumped. Keep the lid on tight, not loose.
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Yeah, I have washed the trash can out several times in the past and will do that today or tmr.

The problem with rinsing the cans is that the only place I can dump food is in that trash can because I have a "mini" kitchen and the only sink I have is in the laundry room and it has no disposal so I can't flush food via sink disposal. That's why I have to dump food in the trash can..

I also will keep the lid on tightly now.
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Get a rubbermaid or tupperware container with a tight fitted lid and line it with a plastic bag. Put all of your wet garbage in there and when it is full, tie it up and throw in the outside trash. It won't smell and it will keep you from having to put lots of wet food in the outside can where it attracts animals and bugs. You can even keep the container in the fridge if you are extra concerned about smell -- but you shouldn't need to do this.

Also, you can do the same thing with the pee and poop you scoop - but don't put it in the fridge! I have a big bucket with a tight fitting lid that I use. I line it with a grocery bag and scoop directly into it. I can have a bucket full of poop and pee sitting in in the cat closet and no one would ever know. It is a cheap and easy way to handle waste without any smell! Using these two techniques should completely solve your problem!
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>>>Also, you can do the same thing with the pee and poop you scoop - but don't put it in the fridge! <<< hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This also happen to me befor a few times in the outsite trash can . I do spray bleach in the trash can and let it sid for a while and then spray it out with the water hose and they are gone . My son is dumping the trash and sometimes he don't pay attention , so I think it come from there him not tighten the bags reall good .
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Don't know what kind of food you are having to dispose of but when I have stuff that goes bad, I flush it down the stool. Of course you have to be certain it is in small pieces.

Just be sure to tie up your small bags good before putting in the big one in the can.

Good luck. I know it is hard to deal with stuff when you are renting.
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