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Cats paw wont stop bleeding HELP I have never had cats

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I am new here.  Where I live there are several feral cats.  I have am in the process of catching all of them and getting them fixed.  Any way the question I have is one of the girl's (MiMi) paws is bleeding and it won't stop.  It has been bleeding on and off for about 2 weeks.  (It took me awhile to figure out which cat was bleeding in the first place.)  She is actually very tame and will let me look at it.  I do not see anything in it or a cut.  I was thinking maybe it is a bacterial infection.  Has anyone ever hear of something like this?  I am probably going to have to take her to the vet but I do not really have the money until Saturday.  I have never had cats because I am allergic to them.  I love all of them even though some of them won't let me pick them up. ha ha MiMi doesn't seem to be in pain.  She is not limping but I know it isn't good to keep bleeding.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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She really needs to be seen by a vet. 

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Thank you for responding.  I am scared to death.  That is what I figured.  Have you ever dealt with this type of thing? Do you know if it would be very expensive?  I am going to take her tomorrow and see if I can pay the next day.  I am sure she will let me do that or a payment plan if it is extremely expensive. I feel awful for not figuring out who it was faster.  I also really thought whatever it was it would just heal because it was not a ton of blood.

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Yes, time for a vet visit as this is not normal; she should have healed by now. One thing, your vet might cut you a break on cost if you tell him MiMi is a feral that is in a colony that you're caring for. Way back when I rescued my Abby and Tuffy, my vet gave me a 2-for1 deal for the both of them. They were both battling frostbite and body parts falling off, etc.--well, that sounded pretty bad--Abby lost a bit of his tail and Tuffy lost half his tail and most of one back foot, but when they were fighting this both their back legs were like wooden blocks; very scary and weird to see and amazing that Abby didn't lose any part of his back legs!

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Yes, I would explain that she is not your pet, but rather a stray or feral.


If I were going to take a shot in the dark, I would suspect an abcess that hasn't healed.  A second possibility is a torn pad that she is overgrooming, a pad in which the claw is embedded, something like that.

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