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Hill's Prescription Diet K/D Formula

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My vet just put one of my girls on this for her kidneys and I was wondering if anyone else uses it AND has an online source to buy it cheaper than in the stores.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I used it for my cat that had kidney failure. My understanding is that it's a prescription diet only available from vets, so I don't think you can get it online. If your cat's having kidney trouble, diet is very important, so you need to stick with the prescription stuff. However, Purina, Waltham, Eukanuba and others also make prescription kidney diets - I'm not sure about the price comparison but you can ask the vet.

This website www.felinecrf.com has lots of information about kidney disease in cats, and this page www.felinecrf.com/managd.htm covers various diets available.
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Hi Tess and thank you so much for the information. I will check those sites out and see what they say.

I know I can get the dry and wet food from my vet but was mostly looking to save a few pennies if I could since my other cat, Sammy the Piglet, as I have nick-named her will also be eating it unless someone has a trick to getting one cat to only eat out of her assigned food bowl!!!

Poor Sammy....... was in the shelter so long when I adopted her out that I think she had to fight her way to the food so now she is making up for it! But ask me if I really care!!! She can eat all the food she wants to even if it IS the expensive prescription stuff meant for Ethel. Hard to believe I have bonded so quickly to her... I love so much already and it's only been a couple of months.

Again, thank you for the information!!
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You're welcome.
Unfortunately I had the same problem...4 cats and 1 on a special diet. I just ended up feeding all 4 cats k/d...$$$ but my kidney girl was thin & needed to free-feed. Is Sammy significantly larger than Ethel? If so, there's a thread about building a box with a small entrance that only the one cat can fit through that might help. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...hlight=amounts
If not, they might just need to share. I'm glad you saved Sammy from the shelter.
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Yes, Sammy is a bit larger than Ethel, but not so much so that she couldn't and wouldn't squeeze her fat a** into any thing I made to keep her out. Besides, if its good for the kidneys.. Perhaps it will keep her from getting bad kidneys later on.

Ethel's sister, Lucy, died from kidney failure (as well as a tumor in her lungs) a couple of years ago. Damn, I still miss her sweetness.... Anyway <<as I wipe my tears away>> I will pay what ever I have to in order to keep Ethel and Sammy healthy. Thankfully she is eating well and we only just discovered this problem a week or so ago when I had to take Ethel to the vet for an infection she picked up from Sammy.

Yes, I think Sammy knows how lucky she is... she had been there so long and was one of the oldest cats at 12 years old there in the 400+ no kill shelter. I wish I could have taken them ALL home wth me!
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K/D has really helped Snowball! It's exactly 2 years ago this month that he was diagnosed with early kidney disease, and so far, the K/D has kept it from progressing. BTW, I asked about this condition in the Sharing Golden Moments forum. Here's the link to my thread, http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=20873 hopefully the answer I got will also benefit you and Ethel!
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Does your vet have a buy 10 bags get next one free thing? I know most preium pet foods have this but not sure about vets. Ask and you never know! HTH!
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