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You have to see this!

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Click here.
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what scares the hell out of me is 24 people bid on it, eeeckk
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now that is one weird thing to auction!!
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Well, that is just odd.
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yuk, blah - and 24 people want that?
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I cannot believe there are people who are willing to shell out money for THAT, and not for one of our nice, clean, non-disgusting leather masks!!! We have no bids on them yet!
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too weird....some people just have too much time on their hands...
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I'd tell that person not to renovate anymore! Who knows what else they may find! Eeeeekk!

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the supposed unalienable right to procreate has a great deal to answer for !!!!
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Well, you have to give her credit for a very amusing auction. Her sense of humor about it alone has to be worth something!
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I found the story to be very amusing. . . . but the garment disgusting. I would not want to touch it. . . let alone look at it or pay $$ for it. Insane.

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Wow, you really can sell ANYTHING on ebay, can't you? I wonder how old that thing is?
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LMAO , I cant believe somebody want that This is to funny . Maybe I need to ck out my trash place some of my dust on it and try to make some money . What a idea
Hey Sue , maybe you need to @ a little dust (giggles)
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Check out this site, for disturbing auctions daily!!!


I've seen some even weirder stuff than a dirty old bra posted here.
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omfg WHY?? WHO WOULD BID ON THIS???? *utter disbelief*
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dog poop ??? eeewwwwww , how sick can you get ?
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LMAO that is hilarious - I apprecicate her sense of humour!
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That is nasty! But that gal is hilarious! She is a total hoot!
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All my thoughts are is $54.00 to an animal shelter would be a better investment.
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Well I knew that there was some really sick people in this world, but that takes the cake! What could one possiably do with that thing?

Okay for a really sick mind I guess there is some things that can be used for that*shudders* But I tell you I wouldn't want to be around anyone that would buy much less bid on it
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Talk about odd.
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Pretty bizzare
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I wanna know who in sam hill put that thing up there? Was it a contractor playing a stupid joke or was someone actually saving it?

Curious.....but won't buy.
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OMG I think this is totally disgusting but after reading the description I was in absolute fits of laughter, That's soooo funny , Thanks for sharing Tania!

Christy- I'm checking out the link you posted!
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Just over an hour to go. I'll let you all know how much it goes for. At the moment it's over $100 Australian! Unbelievable!
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Eeeeeeew...A sight for sore eyes!
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The final price was $66! That's $102.66 Australian. You'd think people would have better things to spend their money on.
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Well, I was just about to throw my hubby's worn out underware away... Maybe I should write a religious story about them since they are holy, then toss them on eBay-- ROTFL!!

Ya dare me?????

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