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Wall Climbing Cat Revisited

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Remember me? I'm the one with the wall climbing cat. He's now 8 months old and continues to launch himself at the wall.
He knows he's going to get yelled at, but he does it anyway.
He has shredded the wallpaper. Unfortunately the wallpaper he's chosen to shred is right in the front hallway so everyone gets to see it.

I've tried:
euclyptus oil
orange oil
taping papers up (he thinks its for play)
taping bubblewrap up (again, a play toy)
taping foil (a wonderful play toy)
sticky tape (what a neat invention for kitties)
taping noise makers (no deterrant)

Will he ever outgrow this behavior?
I can't replace the wallpaper (it's grasscloth and no longer available). And I'm really not in the mood to strip an entire hallway and redo it.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciate.

Donny's frustrated mom
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You have basically given him a playground because of the material used on the walls. He has no idea that this isn't something made just for kitties. Your options are to tear down the grasscloth, or perhaps hire someone to do it for you, and replace it with just standard wallpaper. You can try some of the Bach Flower Remedies to mellow him out a bit Vervain would be one to try. Give him 3 drops on his tongue a day. Mix the remedy with spring water, and store it tightly capped in the :censor::censor::censor::censor:.
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Will this also calm a cat enough to clip their claws?
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