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My Furry Critters Vs My Holiday

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Well in 20 days I am going on holiday. It will be the first time ever my two babies will be totally alone while I am away. Before when I have travelled I have had friends staying with them, now because I have asked my boyfriend to move out they have no one there with them. I have asked a work friend who has said she will come in the mornings, lunch time and for a little while in the evenings after work.

I hate to leave them on their own. Jake i think will be okay, but Bagpuss - that is a different story all together, she is so affectionate and loving and she loves to have cuddles with me. The last time I went on holiday when I had a freind staying with me Bagpuss pined for me - to the point where she did not eat for a few days and she sat by the door crying and waiting for me

I love them both to bits but I am scared and somewhat rather sad to leave them

Does anyone have any tips for me to make it easier on them and not so worrying for me. Your imput is really appreciated.
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Yeah, I used to have to call in all my brownie points with friends when I went away also. Now that my kids are older (19 and 21), they can obviously run the animal household in my absence.

Try getting a special food treat your friend can give to the cats to encourage them to eat. Even sardines!! Anything to keep the cat eating.

Have children so you can use them as slave labour!!!
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Amanda, can you get a pet sitter, or at least another friend as a backup? When we went away, we had 2-3 people who would visit the cats. One was the official caretaker, but the others were subtitutes she could call in if she couldn't come. We made sure all of them had all the phone numbers (of each other, as well as the vet, our parents, our next door neighbors etc.) We hired a cell phone and called the sitter every evening for a detailed report, as well as being available for questions at all times.

Other than that, just be prepared to feel guilty throughout the holiday - we did - but try to enjoy it anyway.
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Harriet....LMAO that is funny - Have children so you can use them as slave labour!!! thehehehehe that really tickled me :laughing: :laughing2: :laughing: :laughing2: :laughing: :laughing2: :laughing: :laughing2: :laughing: :laughing2: :laughing: :laughing2:

Anne what a great idea - think I will have to ask my neighbours to come in - they also have two cats and they are great trust worthy people. I think I will have to go and get a few keys cut soon.

I know leaving them is gonna make me feel real guilty - I am sure that I will be buying plenty of cool gifts for them.
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Amanda, forgive my stupidity, where is Dubai-UAE??

And how do you get the smiley faces to laugh?? That's so cute!!
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Harriet....Dubai is in the Middle East. The country is called United Arab Emirates, it is kinda near Saudi Arabia.....well that is a major country that is close by - takes about 2 hours to fly there.

The smilies.....next to where you type your message there 15 smilies....well underneath that there is a link which says get more....click that and a whole bunch will come up....I hope I explained that okay :daisy:
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WOW!! It's amazing where everyone comes from! Were you born there or does your work or school take you there? Sorry, I know I sound like a 'redneck', but I have never encountered anyone from an Arab country on BBs.

Thanks for the smiley info. I had never noticed that more are offered than shown.
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My family live in Dubai although we are British. I went to primary school here and then I went to boarding school in the UK and then college in London. I am now back here working in my parents company.
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How interesting a life you must have Amanda.

I was born, raised, married and raised my two kids, all within a half hour location of my birthplace!! Maybe I am redneck ??? Can you be a redneck and live in Toronto??
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Amanda! I am sure everything will be oaky while you are gone...since you have such a wonderful friend to stop in a couple times a day and check on them!
Just try to relax and have a good time!
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