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Worms? or not?

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Hi All, This is my first time here and I was thrilled to find the site. My 1 1/2 y/o male cat is not only good at catching mice but ticks and worms too! About 1 month ago he was treated for worms. I had no idea he had them but it was a routine visit and the vet checked. He was given a pill then I gave him another dose about 1 wk later. Recently I have noticed an intermittent, white stringy discharge from his rectum. I checked his litter box and found no worms. He appears otherwise healthy; eats well and plays. Anyone know what this could be. His vet is out for a few days. I will call him when he gets back?
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Hi Marie and welcome to the forums!

It sounds like a worm. I don't want to sound too gross, but did it wriggle? Do you know if the vet found tapeworm or round worms?
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No. It doesn't wriggle. I think the vet found round worms. Can he be reinfected so soon? Or do you think it's tape worm? Do you think he'd have any other symptoms?
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Tape worms will be in segments. You can usually look where they sleep and it looks like rice. The other sign is eating a whole lot. Tape worms come from fleas. It is the only way to get them. If kitty does have tape worm,make sure you rid the house of fleas and keep him on a flea preventative. The vet can give him something for the tapeworms.
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You were right! A simple one time pill got rid of the worms. But I don't think he has fleas. He may have gotten them from eating a mouse. I think I'll get him a flea collar anyway. Thanks for the info!
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I am so glad he got rid of that nasty thing. Eating mice could have given him round worms but not the tape. It is a good idea especially if they are outdoor cats to keep the fleas off. He may not be infested, but all it takes is to be outside and have 1 flean jump on him and he could eat it. If he does go outdoors, then you should have him de wormed when he gets his annual vaccinations. Worms are very common with cats. I am glad you both are rid of the nasty little parasites!!
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