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The house assesor is coming!!!!!!!!

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OMG! I've been cleaning since 9 this am. I just got done and now I"m terrified of how the house looks! I'm obsessive compulsive to begin with, but now I KNOW I have to have the house in good condition because this person is coming! YIKES! does anyone know what they look for?
My s/o STILL has to clean out HIS room(it's a pit you can't even walk in there!) and I'm worried that he won't finish in time!(he likes to procrastinate) So there is another worry for me! He has the outside looking pretty good, now if only he'd work on that room! (it drives me crazy that it is the way it is, but I have a door that I can close so I don't see it, or it'll be cleaned MY way and I don't think he'd like that.)So anyway, does anyone know what they look for?
I'm so worried!!!! Help good vibes for me please!!!!!!
(we are refinancing our house that's why they are coming Monday 9 am sharp!)
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First off hun, calm down. YOu can't see what needs to be done from a skewed perspective.

Second, I'm sure things will be fine.

Once you calm down, go through the areas of the house that you are worried about the most, and carefully look at it. Does it look dirty? Out of place? Or does it look just right?

*smiles* Just don't fret, dear.

I'll send some good energies for you and the house.
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Barb, first of all breathe!

Appraisers look for characteristics of your home. Now, while it does help to have a clean house, having a bit of clutter isn't going to reduce the overall value of your home. What they will be doing is measuring your home, verifying square footage, looking for things that would increase or decrease the selling value (like a fireplace, pool, central air, things that you just have or don't have, and the overall condition, wear and tear (i.e. how much you would have to repair)). From there, they will search the MLS (Multiple Listings) for properties that are simiar to yours in square footage, neighborhood, and those other characteristics. They will see how much those properties are selling/have recently sold for, and that's how they determine how much your house is worth.

I used to work for a Real Estate Appraisal firm, and actually toyed with becoming a residential appraiser. They do a little more than that, but that's the basic process.
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ok, whew!( breathing a little more evenly!) at least I know that I've got a clean house(if honey keeps his mits off of everything! LOL!) I figure that Sunday night, all I'll have to do is pick up a few things and maybe vacum again( I'm such a darn worry wart!) I"m so darn tired and I have to go to work tomorrow and work 12 hours! what the heck!? LOL!
oh well at least I can breathe again and now I know what they will be looking for! Thanks Sylent Rayne and valanhb you are wonderful!
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