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Feral / Stary Kitten

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My German friend Iris has a beauty salon here in town . She always rescue dogs or cats in need . She has 6 dogs and 5 of them are all rescue by her . She also has 3 cats , 2 off them are also rescue cats . Well she started to feed the stray/feral cats behind her salon . Some are just dumped by people there and are stray cats , but there is a smal feral colony there also . About a week ago a 4 - 5 month old kitten looks like a girl start showing up at her place . The kitten has a flea collor around her neck . Iris is very scared that it will be to small pretty soon . So Iris try to catch the kitten , but she is not able to come to cloth to her and runs away . I told her to get something smelly ( strong smell food ) to eat for her to see maybe she can catch her . Today she try but with out succes and then she had to do her costomers hair . I also said that Animal Cotroll will give her a trap . Iris may look at some later time at this option .I was to take the kitten to the vet and get her a ck up and shots and what els she need and also would got her spayed at the same time . In case she is FVl positive I would have a friend "Goldie"taking her in , she has a house full of them . Well my question is , what els can we do to catch her beside the trap . She is a real cutie , she is a tappy and has some white down on her throat . OMG she is soooo cute . I still don't know what to do with her when she would have a clean bill of health from the vet .Iris cant take any more cats in , the older cat (non rescue ) will not allow a other cat in her house and is very mean to them . My husband is not up to a other cat at this point . Well I am sure by that time we find a salution for her
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Basically what you can do is feed her at scheduled times, always in the same place with the same bowl. Don't look her in the eyes when she comes out, try to stay as low to the ground as you can when you feed her. I always start off feeding ferals on my hands and knees, they trust you quicker when you are on the same level as they are. Don't chase her or grab for her right away, give it a few days. One of the best ways I find to grab up ferals is to lay down near where they eat on my belly, until they get used to seeing me there. Then while they are eating, I extend my arm and grab their scruff, get quickly to my feet and place them in a carrier nearby. This works extremely well for the kittens- though it doesn't feel that great on my body. I would try and get that flea collar off her first thing, you will probably have to cut it off.Those are nasty and they can make her sick.
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We got her . This morning I placed Marquise in the car , he will be bathed today at the groomer . And Toby my dog is getting neuter today . So on my way out with Toby the phone rings and it was Iris telling me that she just cought the kitten Of we went to the vet with 3 animals , I did call the vet a few days befor to see if I would be able to just bring the kitten in and so I was good to go . They told me that it is a girl about 5 month old . So she is getting spayed today , FVI (sp) check , worms ck , shots for everthing . Ok she is a Gray/White girl and not a tappy girl . She also has white paws and looks so cute . So I still don't know what to do with her if she has a clean bill of health my husband don't want any cats at this point . Iris said that if there is no takers she would just let her out in the back of her Beauty Salon again I don't like the idea at all . I did ask the ladys at the vet , but they already have had so many this year but will keep their eyes open . I only can post there .(sight) Well I see I guess .They will call me after she is spayed to let me know about the test and how she is doing .
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Sorry MA , I forgot to say thank you to you :THANK YOU MA
I will tell Iris about how to catch a little one , so she will know for the future . Still no news about the kitten yet ....
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Great job! I can't believe the poor kitty was dumped. I hope you can find a place for her; if not, letting her back into the colony is (I think) a viable option. At least she will be consistently fed. Let us know how it goes.
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OK she is FVL (sp) negative , yeah I am sooooo happy for her . The only thing what she had was earmites and thats it . I got a bill over & 247.60 dollars just for her . I hope my husband is not killing me for that , but I wanted to make sure she has a good jump start for her health . Now I need a home for her . I would not mind keeping her , but my husband wont let me since I just got 2 cats in the last month .So please pray (if you want) for a good furr ever home . I don't want her back out there where she was found , she has a right to have a loving home .
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Good luck finding a good home for her Hedi! You're an angel for helping her with that jump start.

And of course, a little board magic coming to her for that purrfect forever home.
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Thank you Valanhb for the kind words and thank you for the board magic she really need that right now .
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Hedi That's great news! I hope you can find her a purrever home, or your hubby will budge

Do I hint a slight 'accent' in your voice?

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Yes Wellington Cat you hear a slight accent in my voice
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Hedi, I am glad she was caught and spayed. I don't know where in GA you are, but I know of a pet shop that only takes in strays and ferals. The lady socializes the ferals and then sells them to qualified homes. I will have to write my niece and ask her the name of the place and where it is, the name escapes me right now..
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MA ,I send you a PM
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Neat Hedi!
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OK , today I pick up Toby my dog and the stary kitten from the vet . I also told my husband today how much I have spent on her got my a** chewed out . Iris did give me $ 70 dollars and that was nice . Looks to me we will be making payment arangements again .Oh well .
And the good news is I get to keep her since I spent that much money on her . But I had to place her in the cat enclosure for right now . Mike my husband don't want her in our bedroom , we still have Jezabel and Ginger in there . Ginger is comming out now every day . But Jezabel is not to happy with other cats around and need more time , she also hisses and swing a paw at the other cats . I hope the new kitten is using the litter box , she smelled the box so she knows what is in there . I guess I will see if she is using it or not . The kitten is also white all the way down her belly and has a white mustage and a bit longer hair but is no long hair cat . She looks really cute to me I need a name now for her . I will make some pictures later on and will post them at a later time
MA , I still would like that Ladys address in case I may need it thanks again MA for helping .
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Gosh, I'm not able to log on for a day or two and LOOK WHAT I MISS! Not only did you trap her, help three cats - get her spayed - and now you're keeping her!

WAY TO GO HEDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an angel you are!

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LDG, the other 2 cats I have them already for about a month . Jezabel come from our local shelter and Ginger is a kind of bad breeder rescue . Both girls are spayed
The new kitten my friend Iris did all the hard work catching her . So I really did not do a hole lot . But thank you LDG and I want to return that cmpliment to you . You and your husband and so many in here who does a lot for the feral cats and stray cats are worthy of praise . You all are angels to me Thank you all for doing that for the ones who cant speak .
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The kitten is doing fine , she was trinking a lot yesterday and in the evening she eat .She also walk around the enclosure , I am sure she knows all the corners there by now My cats were checking her out , some were hissing some stay away and some try to pop her one . But in all it went ok and no fighting so far . I did make some pictures of her , still need to make more to fill up the disk . She has verry pretty green eyes This morning I found her in the house , so I guess she finds her way around . She ate dog food and did not find the feeder on the table right away , but I am sure she will . I seen her try to make it on the taple for the feeder , so I am sure she found it . I also took some food and fresh water out in the enclosure to make sure she has a save place to eat in case the other cats give her a hard time .I don't like feeding my cats any more out in the enclosure , the ants always find the food too and this morning there were some sugar ants there .I also found some poop on the rug in the dinning room I am sure it is from her . I sure hope she is starting to use the litter box . She let me pet her yesterday in the enclosure , but today in the house she was running away . I hope she is getting used to me . Next monday I will have to bring her back to the vet to get her stiches out , so I need her to trust me by then .
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I guess I better up date
Ok , we could not find a good name due to having already so many names . So we call her Lily (sp) , I never can spell right . Lily is doing great and monday we were by the vet to get her stitches out . Lily already took them all out by her self . She don't have any diariah any more and is doing fine . Now she don't run away when she see me and allways come to me to get some snuggles from me . Lily also follows me around the house and sleeps in the night in our bedroom . She is using the cat litterbox and is very clean with it . My other cats don't mind Lily at all , well only Buddy and Jezabel are a little harsh with her . But both cats are the same way with the other cats . Lily still goes a little limp on my arm when holding her , but she is purring while holding . I guess she was not held at all befor . In the beginning she also was a little scared when we pet her , kind a like afraid she get hit on the head . Now she don't put her head down any more and even meows to get attention . In the beginning she was very afraid of Toby my dog and always was hiding (sp) away . Now she is more on a open place but still wont nothing to do with him . I guess all went well with her and I am very happy about it . She is a real sweetie girl and I am sure she will open more up in everything . Iris my friend came over on Sunday and were surpriced (sp) I was able to pick her up and pet her . Lily was a little skitisch with Iris but she did not run away from her and Iris was able to pet her . I am sure that will also improve . Did I say that Lily is a cutie girl
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What a love! Sounds like you (and she) are doing great.
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